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About Success Etc.

Success Etc, at, is a website dedicated to giving its members the best discounted prices on personal development and money making products.  They claim they give discounts up to 90%, and they will email their daily deals directly to you.

Currently they are selling Howie Berg’s Maximum Speed Reading Success program, which claims to help you read up to 6x faster without losing your comprehension and information retention.  This product normally sells for up to $247 but is being sold by Success Etc for $27. 

It is considered a personal development product, something that would help the average person to better succeed in business, school, and their personal life.  Success Etc also offers products to help you make money or improve your current business. 

If you already have a business and would like to affiliate with Success Etc, they have an easy to join affiliate program.  In addition, if you have a product you would like featured on Success Etc, their main page has a link where you can easily submit productions for consideration.

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