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About Student Loan Hero

Student Loan Hero is a resource to help you pay off your student loans. They are not a financial lending service, but they can help you organize, manage and eventually repay your student loans.

The company was started by Andy Josuweit, who dealt with debt from loans he had taken out during his academic years.

After receiving three years’ worth of bad advice and listening to unhelpful loan services, debt collectors and banks with alternative motives, he took matters into his own hands.

Student Loan Hero is a service that is experienced and unbiased, which can actually help you pay off your student loans. Unlike financially-motivated services, Student Loan Hero is geared towards helping you achieve your goals.


Student Loan Hero offers many services to students in need of help paying off their debt. They have fully expanded tips and guides on how to repay your student loans as well as plan building services and a payoff calculator to help you organize your finances.

They have information about student loan refinance, loan forgiveness and important student loan statistics. They also offer information for credit cards, credit building tools, mortgages, investing and more. All of these services are easily accessible on their website.

How Does It Work?

The website is well organized and is simple to navigate. No matter what service or information you are trying to find, it will not take you more than two to three clicks to find it.

If you are trying to use the calculators, for example, all you have to do is plug in your numbers and Student Loan Hero will do the hard work for you. Also, they have gathered up all the information one could need about subjects relating to debt, not only ones relating to student loans.

Cost and Price Plans

Student Loan Hero is a free service to use. They make money through advertisements on the website, which they claim they choose carefully.

Customer Service

Their customer service is extremely simple to maneuver.  At the bottom of their page under the company title, there is a link to their support page. From there, they do not actually offer you an email or phone number to reach.

However, they do offer a form to fill in, where you leave your email and your questions or complaints.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The website is very well organized and many find it extremely easy and quick to maneuver. Unlike websites with similar premises, the questions you have to fill out to sign up are a lot shorter.

They also offer information and services without having to signing up, which is convenient for those who do not have debt yet but are looking for help making decisions about loans.

However, one issue that some have with the website is that since it is a free service, it runs off of advertising. While they claim that they choose their advertisers carefully and to only support companies they believe are worthy, it may be hard to tell how honest some of their advice is.

Since some of the articles and information is basically somewhat sponsored content, one might wonder how unbiased it actually is. They sometimes earn commissions if you sign up for those services. So, of course, their goal would be to push these products.

However, if you are looking for a service to help you with your student loans, it is difficult to find one that is free to browse like this one.

Many people do worry about sharing information about themselves online and are probably wondering, “is it safe?” Fortunately, Student Loan Hero is a safe website to use with positive reviews and it will not share your information.

Competitors and Alternatives

Of course, there are competing websites and apps that offer similar services to Student Loan Hero.

That said, one alternative is What makes different from Student Loan Hero is that this website is geared towards employers and employees specifically. So that’s something you have to keep in mind when considering Student Loan Hero vs

While Student Loan Hero offers services for all, even those who do not even have student loans yet, has more of a specific target audience in mind.

That said, this website may be good to use in conjunction with Student Loan Hero. Also, this website is for companies looking to offer the student loan repayment benefit, which is becoming crucial in the economy.

SoFi is another competing website to Student Loan Hero and works quite the same way, as they both offer similar services and products. However, it does differ in its approach. For one, the company itself is a finance company that was started by entrepreneurs and finance experts.

On the other hand, although Student Loan Hero is in some ways a finance company too, it was started by a guy trying to find good information about student loans. This is in no way saying one website is more valuable than the other, but they originated from different sources.

This website also has other services such as career coaching and unlike Student Loan Hero, these services require an account to access.

Another website offering somewhat similar services to Student Loan Hero is NerdWallet. This website offers similar information about debt and credit cards.

However, where NerdWallet differentiates itself is the fact that it also has information about taxes, savings, trimming your bills, travel rewards and others. Moreover, the website is also free to access.

Where to Buy?

If you want to make use of the services of Student Loan Hero, you are able to do so by visiting their website at


Student Loan Hero is a good option if you are looking for a website to help you get out of your student loans. It offers valuable information that is well organized as well as calculators, all of which are free to access and/or use.

There are other websites that offer very similar services and it is truly up to you to decide on which website you prefer using. Overall, Student Loan Hero is a very helpful and safe app, regardless of whether you have debt yet or not.

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