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About is a website that provides people with all the different kinds of straps, rope, cords, and matching gear and accessories that they need for a variety of purposes and in a variety of appearances.  

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the inspiration for the creation of was a very simple one. The creator of the company frequently did outdoor activities with a group of friends, and at the end of their trips they would always end up arguing about which straps belonged to which people.

To solve this common problem, created a place where people can find the straps they need in many different styles and in the widest variety of colors possible. They currently offer 35 different colors in lightweight polypropylene, 24 colors in heavyweight polypropylene, and about 60 colors in nylon.

The website states that not only does this company offer more colors than any other US strap manufacturer, but they also are the only hardware supplier to provide “colored hardware with d-rings, slides, buckles, in fact, most of our metal hardware, available in 19 stock colors.”

You can search through their products by a variety of categories, including Webbing, Straps & Tie-Downs, Belts, Cordage & Rope, Elastic & Velcro, Metal Hardware, Plastic Hardware, and more, and once you find what you are looking for, you will be alerted to whether or not that product has an option for customization.

Cost/Price Plans

An online retailer that provides such a wide range of products and items, along with a wide variety of customization options, will not have a static unchanging price range for the products they offer. Customers will have to rely on the posted prices available on their website to determine the cost of their items.       

Refund Policy

The website has a very strict Refund Policy that customers must closely follow if they wish to successfully return their product for a refund. 

First, all customers who wish to return a product must contact a Agent by phone within the first seven days of the date their product was delivered to them. This agent will provide customers with an RMA return number as well as with access to an RMA form which must be filled out and included with your return.

Your product must be shipped within seven days of receiving your RMA number, or your number becomes invalid and your returned product will no longer be accepted. All orders returned without an RMA form will automatically be charged a 10% restocking fee. Other returns may be charged a restocking fee depending on the type of product they are, regardless of whether you include your form or not. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 541-741-0658 or by email at [email protected]


Unfortunately this website does not have very many customer or user reviews at all, making it difficult for prospective customers to get a feel for whether or not this is a company that would like to try for their own needs.

That being said, of the few reviews that are available, most of them are positive. But one of the negative reviews did detail the strictness of the Refund Policy as a problem, saying that they attempted to get in touch with Customer Service within seven days but had serious difficulty reaching anyone. 

Because of this, you may want to make a few affordable purchases first, so that if you have a problem with your order and are unsuccessful making a return, you won’t be out a lot of money.  

Competitors and Alternatives? biggest claim to fame is the number of color and design options they provide for their customers. If this is unimportant to you, then you will be better served by finding a website that specializes in the specific type of strap that you need and the purpose for which you will be using this strap.  

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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