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The stock market has been around for decades. Because of it, we’re able to trade, sell, and buy small pieces of companies worldwide and have the potential to earn a lot of money. But, what if there was a stock market that allowed people to buy, sell, and trade items? Thanks to the amazing engineering at StockX, this is now a reality.

StockX is the only online stock market that allows people to buy, sell, and trade actual items on one platform. The best part: they’re 100% authentic and legit. Shoes like Yeezys and Jordans, as well as brands such as Supreme, Louis Vuitton, and Rolex, are all traded online at for anyone to seek.


StockX is unique in the sense that it allows people to sell some of the highest quality items on the market in one, easy-to-navigate online platform. In terms of products, StockX brands itself on the trust built between them and their clients.

The main items sold on the online market are sneakers, streetwear, handbags, and watches. And, due to the high market value of these products, many sellers will try and sell fakes or replicas of high-quality brands.

StockX understands that it is essential to create a market that is safe for buyers and sellers, so it has many things put in place to respect the legitimacy of its products.

How Does it Work?

When it comes to using StockX, it depends on if you want to buy or sell. If you want to buy, you go to and create an account. After this, you’ll browse the various products available and settle on a product or two that you want. When you find what you want, you’ll be given the option to buy now or bid on it.

If you buy now, there is a fixed price that you will pay that includes the product, estimated shipping, and authentication fee (this is one of StockX’s way of ensuring products are legit). If you bid, you will be up against other potential buyers and, if you win, you’ll pay what you bid.

If you want to sell, you will look up a product and see if you’re able to actually sell it on the online stock market. If you are, there is a set price you must put it at (this depends on shoe style and size). Once it’s approved, you’ll set up the bid price and the “sell-now” price. Once this is all done, you’ll authenticate the product and your personal/financial information, and then you’ll post it online.

Cost and Price Plans

When you go to buy items on StockX, you’ll see that prices fluctuate depending on the style, brand, and performance of that market. For each product and/or brand, there is a list that shows:

  • It’s past selling price
  • The fluctuation of price of that product on the market
  • The “buy-now” price and the last current bid

All prices are, by default, listed in USD, but they can be changed for Euros or British Pounds. In terms of discounts or lower-priced items, it all goes off of how the market is reacting to the products and what the market is doing (it works like an actual stock market).

Customer Service

StockX focuses on an online-based customer service. There’s an email you can contact if you have questions, as well as an address where it’s located, and its social media links. For the most part, they respond within a day, but this is not guaranteed. The following is its contact information:

Email: [email protected]

Address:    1046 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48226

If there are any questions regarding return policies, waiting times, or internal issues with your transaction, this is the department you will want to contact.

Online Reviews/Complaints

When it comes to reviews on StockX, there are a number of different views; most consisting of 5-star or 1-star. Many clients claim that the service is impeccable. They say that the service was fast, safe, and the product was received as described on the website. These reviews are followed by comments that claim they will buy again from them this weekend.

However, there are an equal amount of reviews saying the service was poor. Many claims that the customer service doesn’t answer their questions or steals/scams items from buyers and sellers.

Some of these complaints include not processing orders and claiming they’ve gone “missing”, stealing parts of the products and sending them back, or saying there is an error with payment and charging the buyer twice without refunding the false charge.

Competitors and Alternatives vs StockX → is a similar website that sells high-brand shoes and products online on a platform that is similar to StockX’s. It lists products by style and brand, as well as allows buyers to select a size.

The large difference is doesn’t allow buyers to bid on shoes- they must buy them at full price (this price doesn’t change very often)., for the most part, focuses on shoes and shoe care. vs StockX → also functions on a similar platform as StockX. Unlike, this website focuses on a number of products from various high-brand companies, such as Supreme, Louis Vuitton, and Rolex. It allows buyers to choose the size of the product they are buying and get it directly shipped to them.

However, unlike StockX, Stadium Goods doesn’t have a bidding option, and the prices don’t fluctuate depending on the market, similar to the actual stock market. vs StockX → looks to sell shoes and large-brand products online in a similar fashion as StockX. It allows buyers to choose from a wide array of sizes and styles and allows customers to apply for notifications when there are price drops on certain items.

However, it doesn’t allow buyers to bid on products but rather forces them to buy the item at a set price.

Where to Buy?

The only way to buy products from StockX is to access them through their online stock market. There shouldn't be any fear about this level of online shopping, though, as StockX ensures that its products are legit and authentic. They do this in hopes of instilling a sense of trust in its client base.


Overall, StockX is a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience. Being the world’s first online stock market for products, rather than just a share-based market, StockX has the ability to create a new trend in the online market. brands itself on being safe, trustful, and legitimate.

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