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About Stayamo

Stayamo is an interesting concept that helps to connect homeowners and property owners who want to get more exposure for their rental properties on sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway with influencers. The connection can provide benefits to both the owners and the influencers.

You can apply to be either a host or an influencer. As an influencer, the main benefit is that you would get to stay at the property free in exchange for providing social media posts of the stay and photos that the owner can use to help advertise the property.

The benefit for the owner is that they have an influencer staying at their property. This can help them with their marketing, so they can then get more paying renters coming for a visit.

How Does It Work?

After applying, the owner will need to list their home or hotel. After they have been approved, the property will be exposed to hundreds of influencers and photographers. Once the listing hits, the content creators that are interested in staying at the property will reach out to the owner directly. The owner can then look into the influencers to see whether they would like to work with them or if they would rather pass. 


After finding a content creator they like, the owner can get in touch and talk with them on Stayamo. They can plan dates for the visit and swap a stay for some great photos and at least one social media post.

The content creators can apply and then look through all of the various options that are available. It’s as easy as going through any other website to find lodging for a vacation. However, this will be a free stay for them with very little work involved.

Follow the Codes of Conduct

Stayamo has codes of conduct for both the influencers and the owners. These are rules that need to be abided by for the system to work well.

Influencer Code of Conduct

Influencers must be respectful of the homes and the owners who are offering the free stay. The influencer will also need to add at least one post to their main social media account regarding their visit. The post will need to have a direct link to the host’s social media profile, or a link that leads to booking the property.

Additionally, there need to be 10 photos that the host can use for their own social media channels. The photos should be high-quality and useful for helping to promote their property. Many influencers will provide the host with between 20 and 30 photos.

In some cases, the host might have a list of types of shots and photos they will want to have taken. Cooperate with the host and fulfill their requests. This can help to improve your influencer rating. Also, if there has to be a cancellation, it’s a good idea to let the host know as early as possible, so they can book the property.

Host Code of Conduct

The hosts are required to follow a code of conduct, as well. It is possible to request certain shots and to have specific details in the photos, as mentioned above. However, it is also important that the host does not make any outrageous demands or demands after the initial request was met.

The bookings need to be completed on Airbnb or the other sites mentioned above to ensure that there are no cross-bookings. The hosts also need to treat the influencers just as well as they would any other guest that comes to their property and pays to stay. The property should be clean and comfortable, so the influencer has a good place to stay while they are there.

Does Stayamo Offer Insurance?

Because Stayamo is only connecting the influencers and the property owners, they do not provide insurance for the homes. However, because the visits to the property are all booked through places like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO, they have insurance coverage through that company.

This will give the owner peace of mind in knowing that the property has coverage. Because they are booked through those aforementioned sites, it also means that the influencer who stays at the property can easily leave a review.

Who Pays for the Cleaning?

This is something that the owners will have to arrange with the influencers. With all of the listings, the owners can choose to cover the cost of cleaning, or they can pass the cleaning cost on to the influencer.

Customer Service

Customer service is available for Stayamo through email at [email protected] The company does not have a customer service phone number that is readily found on their site. If you have any questions or concerns, whether you are an owner or an influencer, you can reach out to the support team through email. Once the influencer and the owner have connected, they may exchange emails and phone numbers, as well.

Is Stayamo Worth It?

Stayamo is a niche site that connects owners and influencers, so it does mean that it’s not for everyone. Not all influencers will be chosen, of course. However, for those who are chosen, it can be a great way to reduce the costs of a vacation. The exchange for the stay—photos and social media posts—are minimal. The owners will find that this is one of the most effective means of getting good, cheap advertising for their marketing campaign. For the right people, it is well worth it.

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