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About Stay Alfred

Stay Alfred business model combines home rental with hotel service, providing the best of these two stay options. With this company, you are offered spacious apartments that really have all the facilities a home should have.

At the same time, you get the services of a hotel you wouldn’t get in an average rented apartment. They boast affordable prices and a user-friendly website through which you are able to make your reservations.

Above all, they stress the consistency of their service, no matter the US city you are staying at.


Whether you are travelling for business or looking for vacation rentals, if you are alone or with your family, Stay Alfred’s services should cover all of your necessities.

When it comes to the apartments themselves, you are guaranteed roomy and well-furnished rentals with everything you might need – from a fully equipped kitchen, to living rooms separate from the bedrooms.

They also vouch for what they show on the website. So, rest assured that what you pick and book online is really what you’ll see once you arrive to the condo. Locations they hold are usually downtown throughout the USA.

So, you’ll get to experience life at the heart of the city you’re staying in and for an affordable price at that. On top of that, their staff is there for you if you need anything, just like in a hotel. They take care of cleaning and make sure you have a great experience while staying with them.

How Does It Work?

Making use of Stay Alfred is quite simple, actually. You just type in the wanted destination as well as the start and end dates of your stay. After, the site offers you all the available rentals in the city during that time.

If you click on one of the apartments, you’ll be taken to a detailed description of the condo and a list of the reviews of previous clients. These features come in handy, especially if you are indecisive or if you have very specific requests for accommodation.

Cost and Price Plans

At Stay Alfred, they strive to be the most affordable apartment rental service on the market. So, if you happen to find a cheaper option than theirs, point that out to them and they’ll make sure to match it with an offer of their own.

This seems like an interesting approach to keeping clients and attracting new ones. Another way to save some money is to follow their website for special offers, which are quite frequently posted.

Customer Service

If you happen to change your mind, you are able to cancel the reservation within 24 hours from booking and you will get a full refund of the reservation costs (30% of the full rental price).

30 days prior to your stay, you are charged the full rental price and it becomes non-refundable, except if the company manages to re-rent the condo. In that case, you are refunded with the amount they managed to charge the new client.

For any questions or concerns, you are able to reach them through the phone on the number 866.232.3864 or via email at [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints

Most of the online reviews are in favor of Stay Alfred. People are saying they are not only satisfied, but really thrilled with the experience of staying with this company. Everything from the accommodation and facilities, to the service and price is talked about in a positive way.

However, there are some dissatisfied clients here and there. Some complaints are made about the unstable Wi-Fi connection and some unusable appliances. Others complain about the cleanliness of the rentals and heating/cooling systems not working properly.

These are all occasional though, but the one frequent negative remark is that the customer service is either unavailable or slow on the responses and dealing with problems.

On the other hand, they are quite responsive on their Facebook page. In fact, it seems that they try to answer every negative review, which gives off a good impression.

Competitors and Alternatives

Stay Alfred vs Airbnb

Airbnb offers a wide range of different content, which may be appealing for those who travel to explore the world on a cultural level. So, this is what separates it from the rest of the rental services.

Stay Alfred vs Flipkey and Home Away

These two websites are not only USA focused, which is great. They offer accommodation in over 150 countries - this is what they beat Stay Alfred at. On the other hand, this might be a downside as well, since it gives them so many homeowners to work with.

As a result, there probably may be some reliability issues. All three of the competitors also offer an option for you to put up your property for rent through the site. This may be useful, if this is the kind of opportunity you’re looking for.

That being said, when it comes to rentals to stay in, none of them have hotel-like services like the ones Stay Alfred offers.

Where to Buy?

Whatever you need to do – find, book, or pay for an apartment – you are able to do it through their website at


Stay Alfred covers a wide range of accommodation options and services. So, if you are looking for an affordable rental condo with a homey feeling on a good location somewhere in the US, this is the website to go to.

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Legal Theft?

July 6, 2020

We booked an paid in full. I received an email stating they had cancelled my reservation due to COVID-19. They did not refund my $533.60 and are not answering calls or emails. They have gone out of business according to an article in The Real Deal, New York Real Estate News. So they closed their doors and took my money.

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Fell off the face of the earth

June 20, 2020

In December 2019, I booked a stay in Nashville through VRBO. Stay Alfred was the property manager of the property I had chosen. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I tried contacting Stay Alfred to discuss cancelling my reservation and receiving a refund of my deposit. Emails and phone calls to Stay Alfred were not returned. The only feedback I received was a message stating their offices were closed due to COVID-19. Apparently, they have never heard of working from home.

VRBO was kind enough to refund their service fee, however Stay Alfred appears to have ceased operations. Needless to say, I have not and do not expect to receive a refund for the deposit I paid to them.

Before booking, do your research on the property manager. If you find anyone who was associated with Stay Alfred (Google search) is involved with the property, don’t book!

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Great Communication/bank closing skills

January 10, 2020

We have rented vacation property through these folks for the first time. Haven't even arrived and seen the accommodations yet and they have already earned 1 Star in my book. I would give a negative 5 if possible. Here's the scoop. I found a place and put down a deposit last year. Months ago for a vacation in February. I knew I would get the final bill but not when or where it was coming from. Lots of places we stay at even settle at checkin.

Tuesday morning around 6:30 am with no warning, no text message, email, not a thing - my bank gets a hit from some strange online company for almost $700 for "hotel" accommodations! Bank security denied the charge and contacted me. Not expecting anything I said it wasn't my charge so my account was frozen, cards deleted. New cards issued but will take days to get here. Then a couple of hours later I get an email from this company stating their charge was denied, no duh!! They will cancel my accommodations if not received by end of day. I chewed some butt on that phone call. They are going to hear it again here and a few other places.

I will have to spend days unraveling the mess they have created when the new card arrives. They OWE ME!! Watch yourself here.

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