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StartSampling, found online at, says that they are the leading online promotional marketing services company that is focused on product sampling, research, and media services.

This means that companies contract them to reach out to regular people who make up a sample of the market they are trying to sell their products to. StartSampling then provides free samples to their members in exchange for providing feedback about the products to their clients.

According to their website, this company has orchestrated over 2,000 client campaigns in ten years, and has delivered over 150 million “sampling experiences” to their members in the same time period.

Signing up as a member is absolutely free and just requires that you provide information about yourself through their SampleSurveys and QuickQuestions. This is the information that companies use to select their sample markets.

You also help to influence the samples you receive by going on to and going through their potential samples, which range from snacks, household items, pet supplies, beauty products, movie tickets, CDs, and more, and indicating which samples you yourself would choose.

Their product selection changes frequently, so members who are hoping for the best possible samples for their lifestyle are asked to check their website often and provide as much feedback on the samples you have received as you can.

In fact, in order to incentivize you to provide as much feedback as possible, StartSampling offers the Frequent Tryer Miles reward program, which gives their members points in exchange for the amount of product feedback they give. These points can then be exchanged for free gifts of your choice. also promises that the personal information you provide for them will only be used for the purposes of helping their clients find sample markets, and will never be sold to third parties.

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