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January 10, 2024

They sell Volume License/Commercial MSDN keys for Office Pro Plus and Win 11 Pro, which is in violation of the Microsoft/MSDN terms and agreement as they are not be sold. That means, if Microsoft becomes aware of a key being used as such, they will blacklist it. Office software will work with reduced functionality and eventually not work at all. Windows will stop receiving all but critical updates, leaving your machine vulnerable.

If you are a business owner, those things can break your business. Get your MS products through a proper channel like MSDN or another licensed commercial supplier.

Don't buy there
September 2, 2023
I have had several negative experiences buying from this supplier. For the sake of your mental health, you should not shop here, especially if you are an EU citizen.

Appears to be a scam...
May 9, 2023

Gave a lot of info, tried to download, product-did not work-suspect it is a scam.

Don't buy from StackSocial!
February 3, 2023

They took my credit card info and tried to purchase $700 worth of stuff at Walmart! Luckily, my card declined the purchase before it went through.

Cannot activate the key for Office 365 Pro
January 21, 2023
Ordered a Office 365 Pro from this company. I can not get it activated. When I try to activate the key it states it that the key has not been activated. I think I have been scammed at this point. I have found a way to contact a customer service rep from this company. I try several ways and always end up with no response. I would not recommend anyone to buy from them.

January 15, 2023

I purchased MS Office from Stack Social and it does not work. MicroSoft says that Stack Social sells Activation Codes that have previously been activated by other customers. They offered to send another link and code when I reported the problem.

That code also failed to activate the sof. They refuse to refund my money. They are theives, liars and crooks. DO NOT BUY FROM STACK SOCIAL UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR MONEY STOLEN!

December 30, 2022
Disgusting customer service. Won’t stand by their products. Ordered a download that would not load on my computer, they refused to refund my money.

Works for me! Highly recommend!
December 28, 2022

I'm really stunned to see so many negative reviews here, especially for Microsoft Office Pro 2021. I read about the same special offer in a CNet News email and decided to check it out.

So glad I did, though at first, I thought it was a scam, too. I checked around about Stack Social and found out it was legit. I purchased the Office Download via PayPal and had no issues. I liked the product and ease of download so much that I purchased a second license for another laptop via Stack Social.

Once I made the purchase, I received an email to make the download, which took me to Microsoft to make the download. No issues here. The software is legit and I have no hiccups using it.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend Stack Social and this software. I wouldn't hesitate to make another purchase from them. I don't know about customer service because I didn't need to use them.

December 28, 2022

Tried to download my purchase of MS Office but after receiving error messages (despite following all the prompts), I gave up.

Asked for a refund and after numerous email exchanges, they said all sales were final and they don't offer refunds - even though I couldn't download the software!

Am now In the process of taking this issue up with my credit card company.

So buyers, please beware. Not the easiest company to deal with. Better to use Amazon or anyplace else with honest refund policies.

Yea, definitely let the buyer be aware kind of place
December 15, 2022

I made one of the most common mistake when comes to purchasing on internet, being impulsive. When I first saw the StackSocial's ad for the Microsoft office pro plus 2021 lifetime license on sale for $29.99, I immediately started to look for my credit card. Right after I made the purchase I did what I should had done before made the purchase, research the company and the product.

Sure enough, were full of negative reviews regarding stacksocial's unscrupulous practices, such as gave the used license code, and refund only in the store credit instead of cash refund, which they didn't warn you before the purchase, that the digital merchandise could only be refunded in the store credit. In my case I didn't even get the license code after the payment because I had multiple email addresses associated with the purchase. Who does that?

BTW, StackSocial allowed me to made the purchase before I signed up for an account, which should also be another red flag. 4 support desks requests either went unanswered, else it was the AI generated answer that was totally useless. On their web site no clear instructions on how to get a refund , that should be another red flag. I am to contact the support desk team for refund. After so many jerking around, I decided to check with the Paypal, which I used for the payment transaction, and it was the only smart move I made in this whole cluster Fudge that I got my self into.

The paypal had an email address for StackSocial ([email protected]) that the Paypal said I should contact first before I started a dispute case with the Paypal. So I email the address and told them that I want a refund. The reply came back within a hour. Though not what I wanted to hear, they told me the same issue about my email address when I made the purchase, and that was why there were zero order in my account.

Further more, I could either gave them consent to claim my license code, that they would let me know how to retrieve the code afterward. Else I could get a full refund in the store credit. To assure me, they told me the store credit would not expire, so I could took my time and find something else I might like in the store. I decided to take the credit because I couldn't deal with a possibility of getting the used license code.

However, do I really know how long will be around? I mean they can file for bankruptcy next week, and change their name to start over again. All customers with the credit from StackSocial will be fudged. So yea, I call it as I see it, it's a SCAM!!! Seriously, conducting eCommerce should never be this shady.

Failed to Deliver Product
December 15, 2022

I ordered 2 Joyus Exclusive Luggage Shelf’s and paid $114.70 for items and shipping. I never received them. The confirmation email is a “no-reply” one so if you reply to it you get

“ Your message wasn't delivered to [email protected] because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.”

Based on my experience, I would say Stack Social is not legit.

Scammers extraordinaire
December 14, 2022

They got me too. MS Office but the redemption code was expired. They stated that they would send another. 4 weeks later, nothing. Filed a dispute with my credit card. Requested a full refund by check, as I will not give them access to my card again. Now it's company policy not to do that. Again want access to credit card info. NFW that's happening. Stay away, as they are clearly scammers.

November 28, 2022

Ordered and paid for Office download. The claim to deliver Software with an activation Code. The Activation Code is not Working.

Their response is an automated canned e-mail with a link to a year-old empty page which supposes to fix the problem.

FRAUD The activation Code supplied is not working
November 21, 2022

Outright Fraud. The claim to deliver Software with an activation Code. The Activation Code is not Working.

Their response is an automated canned e-mail with a link to a year-old empty page which supposes to fix the problem.

Scam social
October 17, 2022

Nothing lower than a 1 star rating...

Didn't provide the complete order
September 23, 2022

I ordered a regular Sam's membership for $24.99 which included a $10 Sam's eGift card. I received the Sam's membership, but no $10 Sam's eGift card. When I contacted the support team, I was told that the offer had expired and the marketing had been updated.

The offer was valid the day I ordered the Sam's membership and I had a copy of their website where the stated offer said so. Stack Social requested endless paperwork to verify that a $10 Sam's eGift card was offered.

I provided the sales receipt, a copy of the website where it stated what the offer was, and an email of confirmation of my order. They offered a credit with Stack Social for $10 for future purchases.

That was not satisfactory and I wanted the Sam's eGift card as advertised. I would not recommend doing business with Stack Social as they do not provide what they offer completely. If I could give 0 stars, I would.

StackSocial are dishonest / untrustworthy
July 18, 2022

They are very hard up for money!

After proving to them the software they sold me will not load on my computer, they seem to want to rob me of payment.

I've begged them for a refund. I am a senior citizen that are taking advantage of. I have sent them email of pictures showing the software is incompatible with my computer. Will they give a refund? So far all they do is ignore me.

Because I can't give them ZERO STARS
June 19, 2022
I can't give them a zero. Bought software training foe my daughter but they sneakily add this bull crap $99 Vault annual subscriptio package but don't inform you of it and whe their 14 day trial is up the auto charge you because they store your card and you can't remove it. SCAM COMPANY

StackSocial is Delightful!
February 13, 2022
I have purchased software and goods from StackSocial and have had exceptionally good experiences every time. It is fun and exciting to see what new products will be added to the website daily. I only wish I had found it sooner!

Capt.Denis July 18, 2022

This has to be a fake review. There are too many that shown them to be untrustworthy and dishonest..

Do not buy from these liars and scam artists.

CrimSilva December 28, 2022

Sorry, that so many had a negative experience with Stack social, but like this other person, I also had a positive experience, two in fact without any hiccups. I can't speak for the bad reviews but my review is honest and my experience with them.

They charge me $99 without permission as they saved my credit card on the system!
November 22, 2021

They charge credit card for trial offer even when you do not use it or claim it.

I did order something, and they offered 14 days trial for vault which wasn't used or claimed, and they charge me $99 without permission.

Horrible experience.

Spookytooth June 19, 2022

I had the same thing happen to me, they're sneaky.