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About St. Thomas University Online

St. Thomas University Online, found online at, is the online division of St. Thomas University, a Miami based college that offers working adults access to high quality Masters’ degrees. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, St. Thomas University was originally founded as Biscayne College in the early 1960s and adopted their new name in the mid-80s when they gained full university status, but throughout their entire journey as an educational institution, they have always maintained their commitment to “the academic, personal and professional success of each student.” 

The website emphasizes that they are a traditional, accredited, nonprofit educational institution that makes sure that all of their online degrees will meet the “same rigorous academic standards as our on-campus programs” but they are specifically designed to meet the special scheduling needs of working adults who are looking to advance their careers or change their career paths entirely. 

St. Thomas University Online says that their graduate degrees focus on providing their students with “the real-world practices, advanced skills and knowledge, and ethical leadership training” you will need to meet any of your current or future career goals. 

Cost/Price Plans

The cost of your program will depend on many different factors, including the type of online degree you are hoping to complete, the resources you will need to complete your degree – including textbooks and other supplemental materials – and whether or not you are eligible for any scholarships or financial aid. The website indicates that if you choose to speak to a representative about your chosen program that they can walk you through the tuition and financial aid issues.  

Refund Policy

As a traditional institution of higher education, St. Thomas University Online does not offer their students a standard Refund Policy, but many universities do offer their students a time period in which they can cancel their enrollment and receive a refund of any tuition money that has already been paid. This time period is often extended to include periods where students can get pro-rated refunds as well.

Though this information is not provided on their online degree web page, it should be provided by one of their representatives, from their financial aid office, or anyone in their admissions office. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-986-8107 or by submitting your contact information to their website and having one of their representatives contact you directly.


Unfortunately this school has very few reviews from students who have successfully completed their online degree programs, making it difficult for prospective students to know what to expect.

That being said, it is really important to note that this school is a traditional, nonprofit educational institution, meaning that unlike for profit schools, they will offer more opportunities for financial aid and have less motivation for extending your classes in order to also extend your tuition dollars. In fact, St. Thomas University Online promises most of their online degrees can be completed in a specific time frame. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many, many other educational institutions that promise their students access to online degree programs, including Argosy University, Capella University, Westwood College, Remington College, and many others.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your St. Thomas University Online reviews below.

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