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Olivia D'Aubernai

The best GPT site I've found...

February15, 2012

I stumbled across Squishycash by accident last year while trying to find some kind of at home work to tide my family over in-between Worker's Comp payments. I was surprised at how well the site operated, though, I was a little skeptical at first. I had joined loads of other GPT sites only to amass a small fortune that i couldn't receive for whatever reason the sites came up; pending approvals that lasted months or imagined defaults of members rules, one even accusing me of using a fake home address for payments. I mean, am I seriously going to work my butt off just to give you a fake street address so you can send somebody else MY money?!

Payout at Squishycash was $20, so when I hit $25, I cashed out and told my children to cross their fingers. I was more than surprised when a week later a check for 22.00 arrived at my house, minus the daily cashout fee!! And it's not as difficult to reach payment as one would think because SC has TONS of promos and contests every day in which their members can earn more money. I actually won an Amazon Kindle participating in one such contest where I was the member who made the most money that week!! My kindle arrived the very next day. Not to mention the three-tiered referral system they have. You make a nice amount from your active referrals AND they assign referrals to you.
And the level of support that the staff provides is incredible and when it coincides with the help you receive from other members, it's nothing but a recipe for success.

Don't get me wrong, you wont get rich working at SQ, but you can easily make a nice cushion that is trusted and very reliable. I would and still do recommend this site to anyone.

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August 09, 2012

Thanks so much for this article! I have been looking into numerous GPT sites. But for many I can't find any real info on..... I will sign up now! :)

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