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SquareSpace is a hosting program for individuals who want to create a truly personalized website, blog, gallery or portfolio. It is especially useful for public and business blogs, bloggers, and photographers. Designing a website couldn’t be easier; with their easy to follow, step-by-step setup, you can have it up and running in minutes.

Although the company started in 2003, it wasn’t until 2010 that their developers finally created and released a new version with an extremely user-friendly interface and cloud hosting management. The newest updates, found in version 6, offer an even simpler layout and a fully-functional dashboard. Now you can even manage your site remotely using your phone or tablet, and you can send out your posts to social media contacts as well.

Before signing up with SquareSpace.com, you can test it out with their 14 day free trial to see if it is right for you. SquareSpace offers two reasonably priced packages which can be paid monthly or yearly. The first option is the Standard Package; it costs $10/month or $96/year; this plan is perfect for smaller blogs or small businesses. The second option is the Unlimited Package which costs $20/month or $192/year. If you don’t already have a domain or hosting plan, you can purchase it through SquareSpace.com.

There are lots of tools and resources for their customers. Not only do they have a support staff available 24/7, but they also have video tutorials, email support, workshops, live chat, and a user forum for all of its community members.

SquareSpace.com has some reviews online, ones posted primarily by new users, showed they had issues navigating the site. Other complaints pertained to SquareSpaces’s lack of capabilities including the limited number of design templates and the inability to embed a shopping cart of their own website.

People also were hesitant to join SquareSpace.com because of the price. In comparison to similar programs, it does seem to be a bit more costly, but the price includes capabilities that others do not offer. Commonly SquareSpace is compared with WordPress, one of the first blogging platforms developed. WordPress has a free version to use; however, you must pay for upgrades. These upgrades add functions that are already included in the subscription price of SquareSpace.

When comparing SquareSpace.com to all of its competitors, users find it offers more design capabilities without having to understand coding. The number of widgets and plug-ins exceed what other platforms provide, and you can even obtain traffic stats without any additional plug-in features.

Because SquareSpace.com offers everything you need to design a truly customized website directly through the program, you don’t have to integrate third party templates, you don’t need to know programming languages and you don’t have to hire costly website Project Managers, Designers and Developers.

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more scam

October 11, 2019

Warning... squarespace doesn’t have a function to tell you if stripe isn’t connected. The test mode on squarespace doesn’t work. I had to have a customer speak up and tell me it wasn’t taking their credit information. My website credit card function was offline for months even though it shows it in working function on the squarespace side of the website.

I contacted squarespace and they admitted that it was a function that they haven’t figured out yet. They were really rude and not willing to compensate me for the months I had been losing online sales.

I told them I would continue service I would just like the months my credit function was unknowingly disabled to be given to me as a credit. They cut off communication and told me this is the frustrating part of running an online business and this is the risk we as squarespace users take. How awful!

September 2019

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February 1, 2018

Squarespace does not notify you about charges to your credit card! This company uses the classic "free trial period" scam to get your credit card information and then does not notify you when the period ends. Bad business practices.

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A Rip Off?

December 14, 2015

I am using the 14 day trial version of Squarespace, and for two days it was great as I was setting up the basics, but I have been running into glitches and can't get through to the tech help with my specific question; a formatted list of questions pop up as I am emailing tech support. The videos or questions do not address trouble shooting; for instance my uploaded thumbnail image doesn't appear on my home page, looks like a simple maneuver, and reaching tech support through the contact us tab isn't getting me results.

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