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About Square to Square Method

The Square to Square Method is a “do it yourself” golf training program designed by 12 time PGA winner Doug Tewell who says that his golf swing method not only reduces the risk of injury, but provides better accuracy as well.
Doug Tewell says that there was a point in his career where he suffered a serious elbow injury which doctors said meant that he would never be able to play golf again. Tewell says he didn’t want to completely stop playing golf, so instead he started doing research instead.
The website says that he spoke to sports physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, and therapists about the “science of body movement” and during the research he discovered that the modern rotational full turn swing being taught by instructors is actually causing injuries.
Instead, there is a better way to swing a club, not only after you have an injury but beforehand as well so that you can avoid being injured, and this is the foundation of the Square to Square Method.
This method teaches a restricted 3/4 length, limited turn, vertical swing that reduces or eliminates the twisting, grating, and pulling of the modern golf swing, along with five easy swing adjustments that he says could slash up to 5-10 strokes from your game.
You can begin the course with their free materials, which includes videos on topics like The Real Reason You Slice, Downswing Secrets, Sand Trap Tricks, Fringe Shot Secrets, and Long Putt Tricks.
The website says these videos will show you how to add 20-30 yards to your drives, reduce or eliminate slicing, break whatever scoring barrier you have, and more. You will also receive a free eBook called How to Break 80. To get started you just need to provide them with your email address.
Those who would like to continue with this training program can choose to by subscribing for their paid video and DVD series. 
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1 Review

Works for me.

January31, 2017

I have been using this method for about three months and can't praise it enough.
Playing stats don't lie and this is the improvement in my game in just three months.
Fairways hit was 47% now 71%
Driving length was 190 in winter and 230 in summer (This is the UK where we have awful weather most of the time) now up to 210 winter and waiting for dry firm fairways to see the summer result.
Greens in regulation was 9% now 31% (amazing the difference hitting it straight makes).
Par scrambling up from an abysmal 3% to 23%.
Because my approach irons and wedges are more accurate my putts per round is down from 18 to 31. I am mostly putting inside 10 feet.
My handicap has been cut from 22, where it has been stuck for a long time to 20 and my last 2 rounds have been below 90, so Ii expect to be cut again soon.
As for the advertising, well, just ignore it It comes with the ever aggresive marketing world we live in. You don't have to buy anything.
More worrying is the follow on payments which are not made clear in the promo web site selling Square to Square and that needs to be addressed. It spoils an extremly effective golf program. Like another review I have had my credit card re-issued to get around this.

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1 Review

Scam - Golf

July22, 2014

The initial offer liberally uses the word "Free", but actually asks you for what looks like a small (sub-$50) payment for a small number of videos, once you click on the "free" offer. No readily-seen indication that there is any further financial commitment.

So . . . Looks OK. The guy sounds genuine. Not much investment to see if this all works out.

But then, on the way out of the transaction, you are bombarded by offer after offer for other products.

Finally managed to exit & received the initial offer of videos.

But then . . . further monthly debits of approx $30 kept being taken out of my credit card. No response to emails as to why this was being done. Had to cancel my credit card to stop it.

Does the program work: despite trying it every week for a month, there was no noticeable improvement in accuracy of drives or irons. My average score over the period was no better than for the previous similar period before changing.

The claim that the method adds extra distance to your drives proves to be rubbish in reality as well as logic.

Logically, if your club head is slower (which it has to be if you use a restricted backswing and body rotation and no wrist cock-uncock) then the ball is not going to go as far. Same applies with throwing a baseball, kicking a football or any sport involving striking an object: it's not going to go as far. No logical or practical reason why swinging a golf club would be any different and that's the way it works out: slower club head speed = less distance

In my case, on drives, my average distance on a level fairway, no wind, average temperature etc is 220-240 meters. The best I could manage with the restricted swing was about 200m, with most being less than that.

Consistent accuracy was no better, other than a slightly higher number of off-centre drives finishing just on the fairway (because of the shorter distance), instead of several metres into the rough.

Granted, if you were hacking at drives and mistiming the whole thing, then maybe a smaller, steadier swing might deliver a longer result.

To get the same distance as previously out of my irons, I had to go down an average to 2 irons e.g. 7 instead of a 9.

And . . . on top of that . . . the email barrage every week for extra products & purchases is relentless, once you order the initial videos.

And . .. almost every web site I log on to now has ads to Doug Tewell's site, even if the website I'm going to has nothing to do with golf.

So . . . very disappointing that a supposedly trustworthy golf professional (or someone who is using him as the frontman) has set up this very distasteful website experience.

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