Square Strike Wedge Reviews

The Square Strike Wedge was designed for golfers that struggle with their short game, as it helps to achieve more consistency while improving pitching and chipping on the green.

Unlike a traditional wedge, the Square Strike Wedge is designed like a putter, with the intention of giving you added control and minimal face rotation.

The design enables you to efficiently work both the large and small muscles for accuracy across a variety of lies. In fact, you are even able to use this club as a putting stroke for all rounds because it’s allowed for use in tournaments as well.

Many users have hailed it as the club to get if you want to get better shots, but some are a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of its putter-like design. So, read on to find out more about the Square Strike Wedge and come to your own conclusions. 



The Square Strike Wedge features a design with a 45-degree loft, which is not too different from your average pitching wedge. However, it has versatile uses apart from chipping, like landing bunker shots. It also has an anti-chunk sole, which makes it slide smoothly on the grass.

It has a rather substantial weight of 330 grams, which focuses the movement on the larger muscles for better control and accuracy.

However, the weight is focused on the heel area in an anti-rotational distribution towards the toe, which makes it easier to achieve that all-important pendulum swing motion.

Because it has a balanced length of 35.5 inches, it is really easy and comfortable to handle. Moreover, it’s highly accurate and very forgiving on mishits as well, thanks to the well-placed center of gravity (COG) and moment of inertia (MOI).

The 1-inch grip is longer than your average putter, making it suitable for versatile uses. On the other hand, the Leading Edge of the club means that you won’t have to worry about the Square Strike Wedge digging into the soil while you’re trying to make a swing.

How Does It Work?

The Square Strike Wedge’s rather short length forces the player to almost hunch over it in order to establish better control while swinging.

In addition, it uses the larger muscles to avoid that annoying twitch which often happens when too much pressure is placed on the smaller muscles like wrists and hands.

The Square Strike Wedge is designed with the precision to help recreational golfers achieve consistency with their chips and pitches. In a nutshell, it provides you with:

Guaranteed accuracy across a variety of lies

  • Makes for easy chipping
  • Works great on short pitches and long bunker shots alike 
  • Handles comfortably for stability and control 

Cost and Price Plans

As any golfer will tell you, a brand-new wedge can easily set you back 150 bucks or even more. These are typically custom-designed with stylish edge grooves and sole grind as well as a notable brand name that’s sure to impress your golfing mates.

However, what these don’t have is the Square Strike Wedge’s consistency and accuracy across different lies, easy chipping and a sleek design that includes anti-rotational weight distribution for improved control and balance.

The Square Strike Wedge has been able to deliver that and more, for a minimal cost that doesn’t even come close to what you’d pay for extra lessons or special golf gear needed to achieve the same level of skill.

Although typically costing $129, Square Strike Wedge is offering new customers the opportunity to purchase this club for just $99. You also have the option to choose from either a left-hand or a right-hand club, depending on your preferences.

Customer Service

The best part about purchasing the Square Strike Wedge is that it’s backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, which means that if it doesn’t work for you, then you will be able to send it back for a full refund.

That said, for any questions or concerns, you are able to reach the Square Strike Wedge team on their customer line, which is 888.241.2460. They’re also reachable via email at [email protected]

Competitors and Alternatives

There are currently three other clubs available on the market that could be considered competitors to the Square Strike Wedge. There’s the Paragon Golf Chipper, which features a 37-degree loft and a clean satin finish with alignment assist.

There’s also the Golf Chipper HX-9, which swings like a putter with an upright club lie, a lower COG and a low face profile. Lastly, the PGM Two-Way Golf Club Chippers Golf Wedge has a 35-degree loft and a rubber grip for comfortable handling.

Simmilar items to check out include: The Square to Square Method, the XE1and the B1 Blue Strike.

Where to Buy?

The Square Strike Wedge is available for purchase online via their official website at https://www.squarestrikewedge.com/, or via the telephone number given above.


Stop wasting chips on the green and get the Square Strike Wedge today. With this club, you will be able to easily utilize the pendulum style swing, which is a method that’s mostly used by professional golfers to get precise chips and pitches more consistently.

It’s really easy to use and it keeps you aligned so that you’re able to keep it on a level across different lies every time.

Is it legal? Sure, the Square Strike Wedge conforms to golfing rules. So, you are able to use it during tournaments as you do in your training. Plus, it’s available at a really reasonable price to fit any budget.

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Square Strike Wedge Customer Reviews

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Fun club
May 29, 2020
Sorry meant buying the 55 on Ebay used

Fun club
May 29, 2020

Ok. Here goes. Love the 45 degree but like any club it has specific places for use. If you have a good bump and run opportunity it is terrific. Takes some practice because the heavier head will run it farther than you're used to at first. Takes a few times until you trust it. But if you need to loft the shot more to get over an obstacle then the 55 degree they have is terrific. My wife and I fought over it so I tried to order one for her but couldn't figure out how as they only had a path on their website to buy the 45 degree. I then ended up getting the used 45 degree on Ebay. I hope they fix that

They emphasize the 45 but they should also show how great the 55 is !!.

Just sayin !

Square Strike Wedge
January 14, 2020

I purchased the Square strike wedge for Christmas.

This is the worst club I have ever tried. I have been playing golf for over 30 years.

When I chip with the Square strike wedge I chunk it or I top it and it goes flying across the green. on 70% of my chips. I had an old chipper that I paid $20 for. I got much better results with my old chipper.

Glem Honrine

Squarestrike wedge does it for me...
May 6, 2019
Just got my SSW delivered by FedEx this afternoon, just in time for my first round tomorrow. I had to try it so I did in my backyard. I was amazed, I’ve always struggled with chipping from around the green but I tell you I ‘m looking forward to the challenge because I was able to hit consistent straight shots easily. It’s almost to good to be true, more to follow....

CraigBell June 21, 2019

This story sounds more like a commercial than an independent review. You can buy one of these types pf "chipping clubs" at Dick's or Walmart for $29.00.

Then all you have to do is practice and you save a hundred bucks.

Square Strike Wedge
May 11, 2018

I used this new wedge for the first time yesterday and was very impressed with the outcome. I was able to use it successfully with every shot from 10 to 90 yards from the green. The results were very encouraging and will certainly help my short game immediately.

Mike in Reno NV

PhyllisRichards Ahara May 14, 2018

yup-totally agree it is the best thing since sliced bread. I am just having a little trouble with distance control on "close chips" due to the heavy head, How about you?