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Keeping a business profitable nowadays requires a bit more mobility and flexibility to accommodate customers. Being able to make a sale when you are not at your location of business, increases your span of coverage and ought to increase your bottom line.

The Square card reader is a portable device that accepts credit card payments for sales that are completed while you are out and about. It is somewhat similar to a Point Of Sale program because in addition to running payments you can also manage inventory, view sales reports and even manage a mobile sales staff through the Square Dashboard.

When you sign up at SquareUp.com, it is possible to start using your account immediately by downloading the program on your portable device and then linking it to your bank account. This provides you an opportunity to, at the very least, manually enter customers’ credit card information. You don’t have to miss a sale while waiting for your SquareUp Reader.

Once you receive your free Square Card Reader in the mail you will simply hook it up to your iPhone, iPad, or Android and start swiping credit card payments. Customers will greatly appreciate the efficiency of their transactions. Instead of receiving a paper receipt, which can cause clutter, they are actually emailed or texted it electronically. If the customer loses the receipt or perhaps you need to issue a refund, simply process it through the reader and email or text them the receipt as you did for the initial sale.

There are two different price options for SquareUp; both of them do not require you to sign any contracts. The first payment option costs 2.75% per credit card swipe. The second option is paying for a year in whole for $275 with no swiping fees. For any manually credit cards the cost is 3.5% + $0.15 per transaction. Deposits for sales should hit your bank account the very next business day.

There are complaints online regarding SquareUp’s delayed deposits of funds to their customers’ bank accounts. Even though deposits for transactions are supposed to hit your account the next business day, large dollar amounts were held onto. Customers had to wait up to 180 days for the money to be deposited.

The real problem that needs to be addressed is that although customers did not receive their deposit, no one explained it to them when they were inquiring about such a situation. If customers called to check on the status of that payment SquareUp’s customer service ignored customers concerns and did not follow up with them. Any phone messages or emails that were sent to customer service in regard to payment deposits were not answered nor acknowledged.

On the SquareUp website, “next day deposits” is clearly promoted to make their service more desirable; however, there are exclusions and these happen to be stated in their terms. It is possible that customers did not read the terms in full and were surprised when they did not receive funds the following business day.

Read contracts before you sign up for a merchant payment processing system, pay special attention to the terms and fees. The business practices of online payment processing companies have received more complaints than those located in close proximity to merchants. Lastly, check references of agents and reviews of the company you use.

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