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March 6, 2024
My vehicle is a Toyota tacoma (small truck). Upon arrival, I was told it was super oversized and that the extra fee would be 30.00. After speaking to the mgr, he told me 15.00 extra at check out, I agreed. When we came to retrieve our vehicle they demanded an extra 30.00. I'll never use them again.

Poor customer support, I paid for parking but never got a spot
February 27, 2024
SpotHero is a scam. Tried using it to park my F150 Saturday night in San Francisco. I made a reservation based on the listed maximum vehicle height of 96” only to be turned away at the parking location. SpotHero will not refund the $50 I paid in advance. I would discourage everyone from using this service

December 27, 2023
Arrived in the area of my parking site but no lot due to the building being under demolition and therefore no street number posted. Ended up paying way more. I emailed twice and no reply. SCAM.

Doesn't deserve even 1 star !!!
November 2, 2023
I reserved a parking spot in NYC for October 20, 2023 early in the morning. I didn't get to use the spot because it was raining so bad that it was unsafe to drive into the city. It rained so bad overnight that there were mudslides that shut down the Metro-North train track. I didn't cancel reservation soon enough and they refused to refund me because i didn't contact them before the reservation started. I would think that weather would be an extenuating circumstance for an unused spot to be refunded. That would be good customer service.

Refused parking by garage
April 25, 2023

Just like so many other review here - paid several days in advance and when I showed up I was refused parking saying the lot was full. Had to drive around and find another garage. Was late for my event due to this. Paid twice and am now waiting for a refund.

It's not worth the aggravation to think you've got a "guaranteed" space and then have to backtrack elsewhere. For the $4 I would've saved, it's easier to google garages and just go figure it out on your own. This app sucks.

First time experience and a bad one
November 28, 2022
Very bad experience. I reserved a parking space near Symphony Hall in Boston at 55 Saint Stephen Street for the evening concert on 11/26/22 several days in advance before the concert. When I arrived at 55 Saint Stephen St. I found 2 spots with SpotHero signs, which had been occupied. Representative on the phone could not find anything available close to Symphony Hall. My reservation was cancelled, but I was late to the concert.

Real help if needed
October 23, 2022
Amazing company, and if anything goes wrong you talk to a real person

No BarCode Reader
September 29, 2022
I purchased a parking spot had the bar code provided; printed and on the phone. The exact lot (yes, I'm 100% sure) didn't have a bar code reader. I even drove around the block to make sure there wasn't another entrance. Due to timing, I just pulled in and and paid $9 more than I was charged by SpotHero. So, I paid twice for parking and am awaiting a reply from SpotHero to request a refund for what they charged me.

Fake reviews?
August 15, 2022

I have used this app many times and gotten decent prices. I used it for a recent trip to the airport.

The property purposely has SpotHero customers park in their sprinkler zone. When you retrieve your vehicle, it will be covered in stains from the well water. I called the hotel and never received a call back.

Three days later I reported the problem to SpotHero. The agent told me three times to call the hotel. He kept forgetting that I already had done this. Then, I asked him how I could write a review to warn others. He didn’t know how! I have looked everywhere and see that it’s not possible, which leads me to believe that the reviews are fake. That really sucks.

Parking SCAM - Stay away!
July 18, 2022

Like many others I unfortunately fell for the Spothero SCAM and paid for a non-existent parking spot for a Red Sox baseball game in Boston. I spent enough time in the alley on Gainsborough Street to confirm that my numbered spot did not exist.

I eventually left and found a legitimate parking lot. The very next day I called Spothero and was told I would receive a refund. That was a lie. I should have done more initial research as I would have seen that many people online tell how Spothero has ripped them off. Stay away! The good news is the Red Sox beat the Yankees that day!

Money for Nothing
July 7, 2022
I "reserved" a parking spot through SpotHero ten days before my event. I arrived at the specified parking garage on the day of, only to find there were NO spots available. Because this was a major event, I was unable to find parking elsewhere and was forced to miss the event entirely. SpotHero took my money for a parking space, provided no parking space, and refused to give me a refund. NEVER do business with these CROOKS.

What you see is not what you get
June 18, 2022
Had a confirmed reservation for a garage in Washington, DC. Even received an additional reminder from SpotHero the day before. When I arrived at the location, was told that there were no parking spaces. Talked to 4 different people (including an associated lot) - still no parking space. Would never use again.

Stay Away!
May 18, 2022
They took my money, didn't provide me with a spot, and then ignored my emails and calls. This is an online fraud!

That this attendee should stay in this job only after he understands how to do it.
April 20, 2022
We paid in advance and got approval on our mobile phone. When came back to pick up the attendee was very rude and refused to accept the approval on the phone. He said that only paper approval is accepted. The rental ID number is SH48464763. 215 E 80 st new nork ,NY 10075. It happened on Sunday, APR 17.

No Service - No Response - $600 bill unpaid!
August 31, 2019

I recently had a horrific experience with SpotHero.

I paid for 6 days of parking at a lot in downtown San Francisco. The day before I was scheduled to leave, I went over to the lot to ask what time is best to retrieve my car, procedures etc.. The lot attendant had my car towed. Their only response was "There was no ticket".

I then called SpotHero support, told them what happened. I was instructed to get my car from the impound lot, and to save all documentation - send to support and would be reimbursed for my troubles - and I would be hearing from a supervisor in 2 business days.5 days later, I received an email from a supervisor stating they would be looking into the issue and getting back to me.

It is now 2 weeks to the day since the incident. I have not heard a word since last week - and now I am out over $600 in Towing fees, Uber ride to get to the towing yard, additional outlay to park at my hotel, and the 2 lost days of parking from SpotHero.

I'm a very reasonable person, but what I see is zero action by SpotHero to make this right. I'm running out of actions quickly!

lot was full and would not accept my prepaid reservation
August 31, 2019

I am still fuming. Made a reservation yesterday morning (8/29/2019) for a parking spot by solders field in Chicago for the Bears game. Arrived a few minutes after 7 pm and the lot was full. I showed the attendant that i had a reservation - to bad so sad for me. I immediately called customer service who did apologize and said she would refund my money. The rep did mention that when we find another lot if it was more money they would refund the difference. It took us over 1/2 hour to find another open lot. I would say luckily it was less money but the wasted 1/2 hour and brouhaha from the original lot meant that we got to our seats at the stadium at 2 minutes until 1/2 time. We missed 1/2 the game.

The only saving grace is that i paid with paypal and i will be submitting a claim

Lost my money
April 4, 2019

The parking kiosk would not accept the Spotify id number. So I had to pay cash to park, otherwise would have missed the Steve Jobs Opera.

When I asked for my credit card refund, I was told to send a copy of the cash receipt, which I did. They responded by saying the picture was of the Spotify receipt which it was not!! The receipt clearly said “CASH PAID” on it, yet they still gave me a hard time.


Lot won't honor your receipt
March 29, 2017
I am very unhappy with my 1st and last time using Spothero. I trusted that by giving them my money I'd be able to park at the locations they provided. Instead the lot named on my receipt refused to honor the agreement and there were even threats to call the police. They claimed that they told Spothero to remove them from the site. So I had to deal with anger and frustration at the end of a very long day AND I lost the $40 that I paid to Spothero. So I ended up having to pay a second time and I wasted in paying the Spothero service. I will not be using it again. Instead I'll go back to using the BestParking App.

SpotHero New York City
October 22, 2016
This was such a great service, from the price to the ease in purchasing a reasonably priced parking garage reservation, to contacting customer service when we needed an alternative parking garage, to completing the transaction when we picked up our car. The customer service was awesome! He was so knowledgeable and treated us with such patience and respect and was so competent. All around a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone and would use them again for sure!

Not a fan...
September 10, 2016
prepaid for parking in downtown Los Angeles to take grandkids to Staples for the circus...but the SpotHero parking lot/address didn't even exist...only consolation was that i found another parking lot (and it was HALF the price of what i had already spent w SH)...hoping to get a refund...but not too impressed with their 'auto' and learn...