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Mark Teixeira, the New York Yankees first baseman, was the inspiration that compelled Eric Goldstein to startup SportsYapper. Mark was tweeting during the game and found that people following him were replying to his comments and soon enough he was receiving thousands of messages during the game. SportsYapper was developed to create a similar exchange of messages between all sport enthusiasts, extending its attraction beyond the large base of Yankee fans.

This social networking platform is a place where users can chat with one another about sports in real-time. SportsYapper’s can discuss past games, present sporting events, teams, players, etc... The search filter enables its members to narrow down conversations to ones in which they wish to participate in. Conversations can be filtered by team, player, or sport genre.

The development of SportsYapper turned to simulating a visual sports bar, so to speak. When watching a sporting event at a bar, there are other people to chat with about a play or a bad call as it happens. Individuals who are at home watching games alone or with others who do not share the same passion for sporting events, SportsYapper is the perfect alternative. There are members in the group with whom you can share your excitement with and read exchanges between other members posting different viewpoints and opinions via messages during the game.

To keep conversations simple and capture a natural flow of a real conversation, there is a 300 character limit per post. Not only does it help to keep message exchanges progress forward, but this limit enables participating “Yappers” to also focus on the game so they don’t miss an amazing play.

A Facebook account is the only way to create an account and sign in to SportsYapper. This measure is used to make the community safe from Spam content and people who ruin the experience for others with their creation of fake accounts.

To delete your account simply submit the request directly through the application. The Delete Account button automatically generates an email which is sent to the SportsYapper customer service team; this signals them to delete your account.

As long as you have access to the internet you can easily access your SportsYapper account to join in on the fun. There are also free SportsYapper applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android; basically, you can chat from anywhere at any time. These applications also allow you to share your comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Overall, the consensus of online reviews displays nothing but positive feedback. SportsYapper members find this to be a great way to enjoy a game while also communicating with others whom share the same passion for sports as themselves.

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