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This is a scam!
December 8, 2012
charge. I called and they claimed I only cancewithout notifying me enrolled me in orivoro for 14.95 a monthe. After several months, I discovered this, called and complained and they cancelled whatever i enrolled in and refunded me foe months. Then the following month I get a $50 enrollment fee and another14.95 fee. Icalled and they said when I cancelled priv pro I still was automatically enrolled in Spokeo! Watch out for your CC statements because this company keeps charging even after you cancel.

Way too many errors
November 28, 2012

I did a quick search on myself and my family+friends. While the concept of the site is nothing new but somewhat helpful, the information is just too erroneous to be taken seriously. No wonder Spokeo only charges $3/month for their "services" while other more reputable sites charge a whole lot more.

As an example, I am listed as having several other residents in my household. Last time I checked, I was the only one living in this house. My parents are listed as living in the house they've sold 10 years ago...their new address isn't even listed. My friends' ages, names, etc. are full of mistakes.

Anyway, if you're looking for public information, I wouldn't recommend Spokeo. You're just going to get what you could've found doing a simple google search. Paying for a site full of errors is just a waste of money.

Joshua December 08, 2012

will not use

Another internet SCAM
November 22, 2012

Very little if any useable information. I should have reviewed it first, my error.

I do NOT recommend this phony search spot.

Mostly erroneous info
November 18, 2012
I have not subscribed. Even the free information about myself is erroneous. It listed a person I don't even know as living with me and does not list my family members. It listed me as having an AOL account, which I do not have. The only correct information was my name, the address, phone and description of the house. Everything else was wrong! Also, it listed me as living at several past addresses of mine ... One which mispelled the street name. I wouldn't waste money. On it!

October 4, 2012

There is a monthly limit to email addresses- and literally NO ONE is on here. So i guess that makes the limit 2.

This site is not only awful, it is useless. Save your cash.

Searching January 18, 2013

Any ideas as to a legitimate site to find a family member we lost touch with after a death in the family & a move? And finding a person whose information has been combined with mine & making a mess along the way?

Thanks for any help finding a legit web site that can help me find some people I care about!

It was TOTALLY Inaccurate! NO REFUND?!
October 3, 2012
I signed up, tried it out, found out it was totally inaccurate and within FIVE MINUTES of signing up, I called to cancel and was told I would still be billed for 6 months! I asked to speak to someone with more authority and they said I must submit a dispute and they would email me the information to do so! This is SUCH a scam. They are simply hoping people will be discouraged and let the first charge ride.

Michelle December 17, 2012

I am so glad I checked Spokeo out before joining. I had a bad feeling as I was about to join and decided to do some research. So far I have not heard anything good about these people at Spokeo. Thanks EVERYONE for posting these reviews. Posting reviews will eventually put all the ripoff websites out of business so we all need to keep posting them. When I get ripped off I want to make sure it doesn't happen to others.

Searching January 18, 2013

Yes! Thank you!

I wold reverse the charges, if possible, or at least contact the BBB, scam sites & perhaps the AG for the state they are in & your state, &/or perhaps other regulatory agencies.

One scam on the web is one too many!

it feels like a violation of privacy
September 17, 2012

I can see how Spokeo can be a good service for some and; even though, the information gathered comes from public sources my dispute is that this site makes it easy for anyone with bad intentions to find an individual. At the very least it takes effort to drive to the DMV or courthouse to dig out dirt on somebody or find out where they live. This site, while it can be good for some, it can also hurt people. I am not pleased that my mortgage pmt amount was published on Spokeo. I understand Spokeo's argument but not all public info is easy to get. This website has changed that. In a way, it does feel like an violation of privacy. JUST BECAUSE IT'S PUBLIC INFORMATION DOES NOT MEAN I WANT IT BLATANTLY ADVERTISED.

Since there are so many of these types of sites out there I am slowly but surely requesting my personal information be removed. However, there should be some kind of regulation pertaining to what kind of 'public' information should be allowed to be published on the internet.

Kris November 02, 2012

Then dont publish stuff on in the 'public' forum known as the Internet

Searching January 18, 2013

I don't believe you can get info, such as a driver's license # or history in my state without having a written consent form.

Insurance companies try to get more than they are allowed, such as asking for your SSA number to "run a credit check", which isn't legal any more in 48 states, as they can not base your premiums on a credit score & have absolute NO reason to have that information, but they DO band together to get & sell ANY information they can, siting BS reasons why they "need it", which, if you read their contract boils down to them hacking into ANY personal info they can to sell, try to use against you via intimidation should you have a claim (even if not your fault).

MANY people donated thousands & thousands of hours of work for genealogy research, in finding family members, yet one company bought up nearly ALL of those companies & now you can't even access your own personal information without paying to do so, or so it would seem... not even the last census release! That was available for a VERY short period of time & now good luck finding it!

I don't believe "public info" includes your personal tax records, without your permission! I've ordered birth certificates in the past and you had to be linked by birth to the people you were ordering them for, or they had to b over a certain age (I believe it was 80 years old) or deceased.

CA stopped DMV records because of stalkers, yet some still think you can get those records, I don't believe that is the case.

I tested Spokeo with some phone numbers I know - unbelievably bad responses.
September 8, 2012
I signed up on Spokeo and began searching cell phone numbers whose owners I couldn't identify any other way. The first few responded with "Not Available". Not too surprised as I know cell numbers are somewhat hard to find. So I started searching cell numbers of my family members. These searches produced responses detailing a name and city of residence for individuals. The problem - I've never heard of them before. So, because some of us have newer cell service, maybe we're not registered yet. Maybe those people I don't know had this number before me. I doubt it - but still hoping this service would work. Last I tried cell phone numbers for people that I know have had their phone numbers for 10 to 15 years. Unbelievably, random people were listed as the owners of the number. Such a blatant lie - and potentially dangerous too, depending on who is inquiring.

does it show real phone number adress etc. im super scared
September 3, 2012
Does it say the real address and phone number and how do they get it I'm ten and I'm worried sick about this.

Laurie September 08, 2012

Wow, I am worried sick for you. Yes, this service, and zillions other like it, can give out your personal info including name, phone, age, address, who lives in the house with you, other relatives and so on. This is called Public Information and there is no easy way to change it. If you are scared, but can't tell your family members, then tell your teacher or your friends' parents. They'll know what to do. Don't live in fear for another day.

Kris November 02, 2012

You can get the number and address from online telephone directories and I think vehicle database...


If you are in the USA.. there are even more.... So much for being Free ;) free information


Check t November 02, 2012


not worth a damn
July 31, 2012
this is really a rip off......with about 10 minutes, and a little bit of searching, nearly everything is on facebook. certainly wound not recommend it to anyone!!

John September 01, 2012

Having Reviewed Spokeos currrent basic information on a son, I find that the information was mostly erronius and I would never pay them for info that is incorrect. They Listed a 34 yearold as in his 90's.

Maybe it is just me
July 25, 2012
I haven't really been able to find out anything about the numerous folks I've searched for other than what I could see for free. The information is not up to date at all in that it lists people living at addresses they haven't lived at for over 20 years and folks who have died are listed as if they are still alive. Nor is it consistent. In one search a person may have 2 children and in another a mysterious 3 child shows up. Also you go thru tons of facebook 'possibilities' and some are even for people with different names and certainly different ages. Very disappointed.

Kaner July 25, 2012

it sucks

Doodles July 31, 2012

it not only sucks, it really sucks....

Spokeo Review
July 16, 2012
I and full member of spokeo search and I find it to be very good. I just don't like that they don't tell you you are limited to 20 searches a month and you only find that out once you join...

HELP October 18, 2012

could you help me out?

Lynn November 05, 2012

Can you access those famous info such as producers, actors, etc? Thanks.