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Absolute scam.
October 19, 2021

The site claims to have informations about "[email protected]" (which obviously doesnt exist) and wants me to pay $0.95 for this non-existing data.

Test yourself with a random email.

Absolute scam.

October 13, 2021

Why isn't zero a rating? I only authorized one search for $0.95 and they enrolled me in a monthly subscription for $25/month without my knowledge. I didn't catch it until my next credit card bill and they wouldn't refund the $25 even though I didn't authorize it.

All they would do is end the monthly subscription today and refund the unused portion so I ended up paying $15 for nothing. Complete scam. I don't know how they get away with this.

Yes it is a scam
April 17, 2020
They used misleading verbiage in the sign up agreement to charge me over $500 for a single report that was supposed to cost $1. They will not refund it. Just say no. They are not a legitimate business. They are deceiving and unforgiving.

November 20, 2017

DO NOT SIGN up for this! it never goes away. They randomly keep charging you 35.90. Even after you cancel, it comes back for months later.

Honestly, It is criminal.

A basic Google search works better..
October 12, 2017

Paid for 6 months with high hopes. At the time of writing this, I am very dissatisfied with the value for money. I was actually able to find more information through a basic Google search than using this "special" app... Seems ridiculous that they are able to charge money for this, in my humble opinion.

Would NOT recommend this product to anyone.

What to believe?
September 29, 2017

I looked myself up and the info was correct. Others I looked up and they had so much information, how do you know what is correct or not? Too many addresses. You'd have to investigate for yourself.

scamed cheated tricked
September 27, 2017
There adds are miss leading don't waste your money all they will do is ask for more money sorry company

Scam ! Beware False info
March 24, 2017

If I could give it a zero, I would. Under the ruse you can check on possible dating candidates with their real name, a relative paid for a month.

Information is wrong. I looked myself up to check the service. 90% wrong. Age, location. Had my ex listed as my son and emails were wrong.

Stay away!!!

Beware of Spokeo
July 19, 2016

I used this service once and then cancelled the "free trial" in February 2015. Recently noted that I was still being charged. Apparently there was some part of the membership that I did not cancel.

They agreed cancel my subscription from June 2015 to June 2016 because they obviously saw that I NEVER used it! Not happy that I still paid for 4 months that I never signed up for!

Would not recommend this to anyone!!!

Wendy g green November 09, 2016

They are a scam. I told them they had wrong info on me and they asked me to send them my drivers license to prove I was me. I said no, but this person is not in my family and they said oh we got that name off a magazine label. I said you are a liar.

February 11, 2016

WHAT A JOKE!!! I signed up for a special "3 months for $9.95 membership". When i got the receipt i discovered that they had charged me $59.70. First of all, the only info I was given was birth month, year, zodiac sign and ethnicity. All of which is useless and already known.

When I clicked the "full report" tab they wanted me to pay more money to see it. I then called customer service and they refused to refund my money even though i didn't get what was advertised. After arguing with them and asking for a supervisor they finally said they would refund $44.78.

That means they still charged me $14.92 when it was only supposed to be $9.95 for the entire membership. What a scam!

January 8, 2016
Scam scam scam scam scam!!!!!!

Spokeo does NOT value their customers.
February 4, 2015

I was an early subscriber to Spokeo. I very rarely used their service, but maintained my subscription for the occasional use and because they didn't offer my package anymore.

I've had my subscription package since Jan 24, 2012 and it would auto renew each year. This year, 2015, I never received my auto renewal email from Spokeo, so I contacted their customer service to inquire why I hadn't received the renewal update.

When the customer service representative got on the phone I explained that I might need to update my credit card info, since my bank issued me a new card. The customer service representative told me Spokeo is not able to update any existing customers credit card info and that they are instructing existing customers to sign up for new accounts.

I explained that I was a long term customer under an older plan that they don't offer anymore and that I want to maintain that plan. She again stated they do not have the "ability" to update card info and that I'd need to sign up for a new, more expensive plan. I asked to speak to a supervisor, because this had to be a mistake or a scam.

A supervisor, RJ, got on the phone and stated they do not have the "ability" to update existing customers card info and that I'd need to sign up for a new, more expensive plan. I explained that they obviously had the "ability" since they are a technology based, online company that takes credit card information all the time. I told him this sounded like a ploy/scam to get older, loyal customers out of their old plans and into new, more expensive plans.

He then stated it was Spokeo policy to not update existing customers credit card information, but to instruct them to sign up for new accounts, under current, more expensive plans/rates. Basically, he confirmed that the company does not value their early, long term customers and they resort to shady practices to get them to sign up for new, more expensive plans.

The reality is I hardly ever used the service, but simply maintained my subscription for the occasional use and because I was under an older plan that wasn't offered anymore to new subscribers. Part of the reason I rarely used the service was due to the fact that it was rarely useful or accurate. The information was usually very limited and outdated.

Based on the low quality of service (limited and outdated information) and the company's questionable business practices of forcing loyal, long term customers out of their plans and into newer, more expensive plans, I can not support or recommend this company. Simply do a search on Spokeo reviews and you will find a lot of negative reviews regarding their service and business and billing practices.

With that batting average, their current prices (and business practices) make their service a complete waste of money. Save yourself some money and do a basic internet or white pages search on your own. If you do decide to pay for a search service, use a different company who values their relationships with their customers.

Glenn September 02, 2015

I can vouch for the acuracy of what Brad is saying. The same exact thing happened to me. Credit cards eventually get reissued and Spokeo knows that. They are the ONLY online site I have ever come across who cannot update your credit card information and require you to register a new account. Can you imagine if companies like Amazon did that? Then when you register a new account, you are forced to pay a lot more money. What they are doing is dishonest, deceitful and fraudulent. They should be reported to the AG in their state.

October 27, 2014

Technically, Spokeo does have the billing terms on their site, but they are made to be quite vague. I thought I was agreeing to paying $3.95, and if I stayed on, an additional $24.xx for 6 mo.

While this info is there, I shop and work online daily. There is a standard way I expect billing to work. I expect a grand total going on my card. They know this, they also know their service isn't worth it, so they deceptively charge you the entire amount.

Why not be honest and tell me the total? Don't think I would press the Pay and Continue button? YOU ARE RIGHT SPOKEO! I wouldn't. I called to have my subscription canceled, which they did, but now I have to wait days to get my money back.


AND they claimed to have several hits on an email address, when I got there...NOTHING! Not one thing!

It also failed to find anything on my address, even though I have a big presence online.


So even if you want to put the blame entirely in my hands for not reading the payment info, yes, I agree. I didn't read closely. However, if this was a standard practice on the internet, I can tell you for sure, that there would be no internet shopping. People would not put up with this from Amazon, Ebay, or any other reputable site.


Where's The People
October 29, 2013
A new service full of promises and very little delivery. The concept is great. The first 5 search results turned out to be obsolete information. A dead end trail.

Frank November 21, 2013

i tried it and theyntry to stiff ya for like 30 bucks every month even when it suck they will take it automatically from your card my suggestion don't do it

October 9, 2013
They said they had everything, but when I paid, they had nothing

Frank November 21, 2013

yep they have nothing and they try to get you to pay extra

what a disappointment
September 24, 2013

After hearing great things about this site from a friend who OBVIOUSLY had never used it, I signed up for the three month trial period. Then, I tried researching four names of people that I know well including myself. It is actually NOT as valuable as a google search and was NOT accurate.

The search told me how many people lived in our house (WRONG), where we had lived previously (WRONG) and did not give the correct social media sites AND gave NO other information. A similar situation occurred with the other folks I researched.

So, if you are concerned that people can use this site to find out lots of stuff about YOU, rest easy; it is useless. If you think YOU can use this site to find out lots of stuff about people, forget it. And you do have to sign that you won't use this site for any of a number of business reasons (I guess they know how inadequate they are and that is their protection).

But I did not have any trouble canceling (after I paid for the three month trial) which is what some reviewers complained about. so, the lesson learned is don't use spokeo and don't listen to the recommendations of friends who have not personally used the product they recommend so highly. don't BE one of those recommenders either!

Don't Waste Your Time or Money
September 9, 2013

This site is terrible. I signed up for the 3 month subscription, and only after I performed a few searches was I informed of the "monthly quota." I was attempting to search for people for my high school reunion, so I needed more than the few searches allotted, and nowhere are you told before signing up that there is a limit.

When I spoke to customer service, they sent me through the generic support cycle, and kept indirectly blaming me for not understanding the services correctly (much like their comments on other posts here). "I'm sorry you don't understand the terms" is not an appropriate response to a customer complaint. It's patronizing and offensive.

If you were a reputable company, you would clearly place your terms upfront, to allow people to choose whether your service is right for them or not. Get it together, Spokeo.

Anonymous October 24, 2013


August 30, 2013
Claimed to have the info I was looking for. Paid the fee and got absolutely no results. All categories listed as "unknown". Site says refund if no results but not how to apply. These people are no better than email phishing scammers and I'm an idiot for not checking their reviews before donating my cash to these crooks.

They don't even have my name correct!
August 8, 2013
Someone showed me this site and frightened me into thinking my identity had been stolen. It listed my name, my dead brother and my dad's name spelled incorrectly. My mom wasn't mentioned. When I thought I would subscribe it said a different first name for me! Very scary. Would not taKE PAYPAL and I am glad because I went back and read the reviews. This company would give you paranoid thoughts if you believe it!!!!

June 26, 2013
No relevant information, deceptive practices. Billed after cancellation of spokeo, they say its for something else. I have no idea what I signed up for. Not worth it!

Thomas July 28, 2013

its a huge ripoff. I just used it a few days ago and there was nothing in the report.everything was "unknown". When I complained I was told, "sorry", that I could keep searching that number since I paid for it in case there may be some future updates on it. They should be legally punished and forced to give people back their money. Before you pay they will tell you a match has been found. The only match will be the phone number you typed in the first place.