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About Spiritum.com

Spiritum.com describes themselves as a worldwide esoteric website where people can connect with internationally recognized psychics to receive advice and guidance that is personalized for them.

The website promises that their psychics have extensive knowledge and training in different areas like tarot card readings, astrology, and numerology, or have been born with “remarkable talents.”

Because Spiritum.com has the ability to bring together clients and psychics from all over the world, they promise they are able to cater to visitors who speak a wide variety of languages, so you can speak to your psychic in the language most comfortable for you.

New visitors to the website can try it out for free by speaking to psychics who are marked as currently available for Free Chat. Visitors without a membership can speak to these psychics for up to ten minutes.

If you are happy with the service and interested in experiencing more, you can register for a membership – signing up for an account is free. Once you have registered your account, you must purchase a package of credits, which begins at 19.99 and goes up to 99.99, though there is no currency indicated, so the exact price is unclear.

Once you have your completed your membership, you choose which psychics you would like to speak with; psychics begin at .99 credits a minute and go up in price. Members can request readings and private video chats with their chosen psychics.

After you have determined which psychics have the best style and approach for you, you can mark them as “Favorites” and then be alerted when you are both online at the same time.

Members can also rate psychics based on their personal experiences, so that new members can see which psychics have a record of providing members with the best experiences, and psychics who have disappointed members can be rated as well.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your Spiritum.com reviews below.

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jim russel

scam website

July3, 2013

scam website, "psychics" pretending to know what theyre talking about while all they are after is your money.

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samia zakir

Best site around!

June6, 2013

The site has a very easy to use and pleasure on the eye look to it. All the psychics are extremely friendly and trustful. They are all very well presented and give good and trusting answers if not just advice in their free chat! I love it and use it regularly as a member and would not look any further for help and support!

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jim russel
July 03, 2013

scam website, "psychics" pretending to know what theyre talking about while all they are after is your money.

October 06, 2013

I am just wondering who you chatted with but to the best of my knowledge the majority of the advisors are answering one question for a client in the free chat area, and then a you can decide if you would like to get into a private reading. The psychics/ advisors should be getting paid like everyone who provides a service for a clientele. You don't work for free either right? Neither do I.

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