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SpeedDate.com is an online dating site that allows its members to participate in a series of short, mini “dates” consisting of timed online chats in order to find a new dating partner with whom you have a real connection.

According to their website, traditional dating sites make you invest far too much time into their website before you can ever find a positive match with whom you have good chemistry.

They say that you must fill out long questionnaires and set up detailed profiles, then spend time emailing back and forth over a period of time before it becomes clear whether or not this person might be a good match for you.

With their SpeedDate system, the website claims that you sign up within one minute, enter your preferences for dates, and being chatting with people instantly. No need for a huge time investment – you’ll know right away if you have a possible match.

When entering preferences, you can choose to identify possible matches by age, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. You can begin your speed dates immediately after signing up, and have up to 15 mini dates an hour.

Each date will be a timed, online chat lasting 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, each person votes on whether or not they want to continue the date. If both people vote yes, the date continues for as long as you’d like. If either person votes no, both people will be introduced to new online chat partners.

Though SpeedDate.com does say that you can “sign up for free,” they are a paid dating service. Their website does not advertise the monthly fee – generally dating sites don’t advertise their rates as they change based on what features you choose to subscribe to and for how long you wish to sign up.

And, as with most online dating sites, you can cancel your subscription at any time but no refund will be given. Canceling does not automatically delete your account; usually special requests must be made to the website.

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