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Sometimes, we can’t always be home to watch over our children. It’s normal to worry about potential intruders who might break into our homes. To keep an eye out for both situations, having hidden cameras like the Spark ProCam could potentially help you when you need video footage.


The Spark ProCam is a high-quality full HD 1080p USB security camera. This camera has been designed to resemble a USB charger so it remains absolutely discrete. Since phone wall chargers are so commonly used nowadays, its appearance will help it blend into your house environment very easily.

Its secretive nature allows you to monitor your rooms without detection from others. This includes allowing you to catch any potential robbers that may break into your home, or it may simply allow you to watch your kids.The Spark ProCam automatically starts recording and when it reaches full memory capacity, it will start to automatically overwrite the videos that have been recorded, starting from the beginning ones.

This makes it easier on you since you won’t have to worry about the device running out of memory. Other than the camera functions, this camera also doubles as a USB device phone charger as well.

This is why the Spark ProCam does not need any batteries since it runs on an electric source which allows it to run endlessly while you are recording.

It also has a resolution of 1920 X 1080 @ 30 frames per second. This allows you to get the most crisp and clean video footage and stereo sound while you record.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, the Spark ProCam works without any batteries since you it runs on an electric source when you plug it in. This also facilitates easy use since the device starts recording as soon as you plug it into the wall. You can stop recording by simply removing it from the wall. While you record your video, you may also choose to also use it to charge your cell phone.

The device has a lens for recording footage and a microphone to capture audio as well. After you have recorded footage while using this device, you can unplug it and connect it to your computer to playback and watch the recordings that the Spark ProCam has captured.

Cost and Price Plans

The Spark ProCam is now available at a 40% discounted price of $57 for one unit. As you get more Spark ProCams, the discount rate increases and you can get more for a lower price per unit.

For example, you can get 3 Spark ProCams for $47.50 per unit and you can get 5 Spark ProCams for $40.85 per unit. In addition to these discounts, you will also get free shipping when you order them.

Customer Service

If you would like to contact the customer service, you can do so by emailing [email protected] The customer service support team operates Monday through Friday between the hours of 9AM and 5PM EST.

If you believe that you have received a defective or damaged product, you are entitled to a full refund. Do contact the customer service for help regarding refunds.

Online Reviews/Complaints

In general, the Spark ProCam has received good feedback for its usability. Many users have expressed that the product does indeed provide good video quality and audio feedback. Many have also been happy that the video camera helps them monitor their homes and even people that they want to track. For example, several parents have used the cameras to ensure the safety of their children and their houses.

Users do think that the functional and secretive nature of the product is very appealing. However, some have expressed concerns over the ethicalities of using the product. For example, some users have revealed that they use the camera to spy on their children or their subordinates and this could be a cause for concern.

Competitors and Alternatives

Other than the Spark ProCam, there are other alternatives as well. Here are some other options you may consider.

Conbrov T33

This camera is also a small security camera that can be easily hidden. It will also record with high 1080P FHD clarity which will give you clear images when you view your recordings. This camera also loops the recordings so you won’t have to worry about running out of memory.

This spy camera is motion activated and has a built-in 1000mAh battery that will last about a year. You can purchase this camera for $59.99.

USB Flash Drive Spy Camera

This high-resolution motion-activated spy camera takes on the appearance of a regular USB flash drive, helping you record footage discreetly. This USB Flash Pen Drive camera uses an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery that works with both PC and Mac computers. This camera also allows you to record videos to keep your children and home safe. You can purchase this camera for $125.

Fuvision Electrical Outlet Hidden Spy Camera

This camera is disguised as an electrical outlet. This camera uses motion detectors to determine when to record footage and you can actually use an optional SD card to increase the amount of storage for the device. While this camera may look like an electrical outlet, it is actually not able to power other devices.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the Spark ProCam on the official website for the device. You will also be able to get the discounts that they are offering only through their website.


The Spark ProCam seems to have many great functions and can help you monitor your house and watch over your pets or your children. Its discreet nature will also help you ward off any potential suspicions of cameras in your homes.

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