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About is the online home of Space Bag, an “As Seen on TV” storage product that allows you to pack a large amount of fabric items into a bag and then gives you the ability to compress them down into a small, efficient package.

Their website claims that their bags give you the means necessary to triple your storage space in an airtight, waterproof, reusable container.

These storage bags work by allowing you to fill them in with comforters, blankets, pillows, sweaters, jackets, seasonal clothing, and more. Then you have two different options to compress them.

First, you can use a vacuum to suck all the extra air out of the bag, compressing the package into a slim, easy to store unit. Or, you can choose to simply roll the bag, pushing the air out and creating an easy to store rolled unit, depending on your preferred method of storage or packing.

You can order the Space Bag set from their website, which offers you 3 extra large cubes, 3 large dual use bags, 3 medium dual use bags, and a free portable organizer. This free bag organizer holds 2 cubes or 4 dual use bags, to make storage even easier.

“As Seen on TV” products can often be purchased at WalMart, where you can also find the Magic Bag, a similar product. The location of where you purchase your Space Bag package will determine the return policy you must follow if you encounter any problems, issues, or complaints.

If you have any questions about how or whether the product really works for your specific storage needs, has a Customer Service phone number you can call during business hours in order to have all your questions addressed.

When ordering this product from their website, the total price of the package is $19.95 plus the cost of Shipping and Handling, which is dependent on where you live within the United States. There are extra shipping charges for the states and commonwealths outside of the continental area.

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Total Waste of Money!

January1, 2019

I went out and bought a bunch of these, in various sizes. Should have saved my money. They are Horrible! They don't stay sealed and they rip! The plastic bags are made cheaply! Never mind the amount of time I spent packing, vacuuming and storing, only to have everything un-vacuum, and pop out of the storage containers! Wish I could get my money back for these pieces of junk!

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May 22, 2019

I had the same problem.

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