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Going to college is a big step for anyone considering furthering their education. Not only is it a big time commitment but it is also expensive. South University has designed their program to help students reach their professional goals and obtain a career in their field of study upon graduation. They have been educating for 100 years and are accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

South University’s school year is divided into quarters and you can take as many courses as you want each year. They offer both grad and undergrad programs with focuses in business, healthcare, nursing, criminal justice, information technology, legal, and pharmaceuticals. Most of the courses within these programs are available on campus or online.

South University’s admission counselors and career center services are located on each campus and are free resources for students to take advantage of. Their student affairs office has information on activities and programs for students to get involved in campus life and meet new people. The counseling offices are there for students who are having troubles regarding their career, academics or in their personal life.

The enrollment process is simple and there are only three steps. First, you must request information for programs, campuses, admissions process by calling them, visiting the campus or taking part in a live chat online. There is an online catalog so you can review the course information prior to your exchange with an admissions representative.

The next step is to fill out the application for the degree program of your choice and gather all of the required documents in accordance with their procedures. Once you have taken all of the necessary steps to finalize the application you must submit it.

Finally, payment plans for tuition and related expenses needs to be discussed with a financial aid officer. Their job is to find out if you qualify for any assistance and to help you come up with a viable payment schedule. Your payments for tuition are determined by the number of courses you sign up for, the program of study you choose, the cost of books, and housing.

Online reviews from current students and graduates tended to focus on the instructors who worked for South University. Students thought that their teachers were not qualified to be there and felt they were teaching themselves the material.

These issues were also followed up with complaints to the cost of tuition and the amount it increased from year to year. Had the professors been up to par and had the students understood the material, there would have been no reason to complain since you can’t put a price on a great education.

Before applying to college, pinpoint your learning style and your availability of time. On campus colleges are intended for those who are hands on and have a flexible schedule. Online courses are for those who learn better on their own and have less flexibility with their time. Determine what you can afford and budget for yearly tuition increases.

Don’t limit yourself to one option for school, apply to a few and then decide on one. Having different schools to choose from gives you the chance to assess your needs and select the one that coincides with your future plans.

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The Worst!!

December20, 2012

This school is horrible!! I could never speak to anyone that I needed to speak to when I needed to speak to them. I have called several times and never got a call back. I recently checked my credit score and found out that a loan was almost in default for a loan I never received from them. I changed my mind about the school a day after signing up so I never attended a class and I want to know where did this loan and grant money go because I never received it!!!!! Please dont do it! It will only be a headache!

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