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Wearing a mask is one of the best ways to stay safe and healthy when you need to be out and about these days.  A good mask can filter out all those tiny, harmful particles that swirl around in our environment.

Sonovia LTD is a start-up company whose mission is to reduce disease transmission which is why they designed the Sonovia Sonomask.  Sonovia says this mask may hold the key to keeping you safe throughout the pandemic, but let’s find out if this speacilty mask really has what it takes.

How Does the Sonovia Sonomask Work?

The Sonovia Sonomask is a product line that consists of washable, reusable antiviral masks.  These utilize special antimicrobial zinc technology to protect from dangerous viruses and bacteria that can cause illness.

The scientists at Sonovia say they have designed these face coverings with special nanoparticles to guard against harmful viruses that can lead to illnesses like COVID-19.  In fact, they believe that this special nano textile technology is instrumental in the fight against COVID-19. 


Cost and Price Plans

Sonovia have several mask options depending on who the mask will be used by and how many masks you wish to purchase.

Sonovia has masks designed for wear by men, women, juniors, and kids.  The company allows you to choose between an ear loop option or a head loop option.  Their pricing structure allows you to purchase one mask for $69.00.

You can also save money by purchasing three masks for $159.00 which comes out to $53 per mask. You can purchase masks for $225.00 which comes out to $45.00 per mask or you can buy ten masks for $349.00 which comes out to $34.9 per mask.

The company also gives you the option of  purchasing fifteen masks for $495.00 which comes out to $33.00 per mask.You can purchase twenty masks for $649.00 which comes out to $32.45 per mask.

Finally, you can purchase thirty masks for $959.00 which comes out to $31.96 per mask.

Customer Service

If you have any questions about your order or the product, you can reach out to customer service team at [email protected] or call their U.S. phone number- 888-564-9075.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

So, do Sonovia masks work?  According to customers, the answer is maybe.  Amazon has customer reviews for many of their products.  While many of the reviews across Amazon are positive, Sonovia still has some dissatisfied customers, most of whom complain about the lack of comfort or poor fit provided by the Sonomask.

The Sonomask Dual Layer Mask for Children earns only a 2.9/5-star rating on Amazon.  While some customers say that the mask fit perfectly, others claim that the mask was constantly riding down their nose.

The Sonomask Men’s Mask with Head Strap earns a 3.7/5-star rating.  Satisfied customers state the mask was well designed, effective, and comfortable.  Other less happy customers, however, claim that the fit makes the mask worthless as the mask is too small and uncomfortable.

The Sonovia Ear Loop Mask for Women gets a 3.6/5-star rating from Amazon customers.  The positive reviews say that the mask is comfortable and well designed but runs very small.  The negative reviews complain about fit and comfort, claiming that the mask was too small to fit properly.

Sonovia Sonomask Competitors and Alternatives

Since masks are an essential and popular accessory in the current climate, other brands besides Sonovia are coming out with their own face masks that they also claim are comfortable and effective.

For example, if you are looking for a quality face mask, you might consider buying the Argaman Bio BlocX Mask.  This mask costs $50.00 and is reusable just like the Sonovia Sonomask.  It's also designed to protect you from airborne particles that live in the environment and is intended to be both comfortable and perform effectively.

These masks use a cotton outer layer to promote durability as well as inner layers which do the hard work of protecting you from even the tiniest particles and microorganisms that have potential to cause illness.  The Argaman Bio BlocX Mask comes in two sizes: Adult and Youth.

One of the most popular and well-known face masks is the N95 Dust Mask With Exhalation Valve from 3M.  These face coverings protect the user from small particles and have double bands to help you get the best possible fit.  They were designed with advanced filtration in mind.

Finally, you might consider the O2 Curve Mask, which comes in two different size options: high-bridge fit or low-bridge fit. The O2 Curve Mask is designed to keep you comfortable while fighting off the tiny particles around you.

One O2 Curve Mask will run you $69.99. The O2 Curve Mask has great reviews, with Amazon customers giving the product a 3.8/5-star rating.  Many customers state that the mask is of excellent quality.

Where to Buy?

If you are interested in purchasing a Sonovia Sonomask, you can order one directly through their website or through one of their Amazon pages.

Is the Sonovia Sonomask Worth It?

At this time, masks are incredibly valuable as wearing one can potentially help protect you, your family, your friends, and anyone with whom you come into contact from contracting Covid-19.

While Sonovia Sonomask does not boast glowing reviews from every customer, their lab tests of the fabric they use have shown that the mask is effective 99% of the time against viruses similar to COVID-19.  These test were performed by a Lab in China, but we have not found that the test has been independently verified by other labs.

Most customers complained that the Sonomask ran too small or was otherwise ill-fitting, so if you can find the right fit, the Sonovia Sonomask just might be the perfect mask to help keep you healthy.

Some Amazon customers are happy with the product, while others complain that they are too tight, uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this is one of the many masks that has often been out of stock due to overwhelming demand.

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They work
September 6, 2021
These masks work it has helped me and I will keep using it. I have bought many through them as gifts and the people I give say they work and I also know they work in 2020 when there was no vaccine we used these masks and with God’s help He brought us through. I’m great full for this invention.

Bazza September 10, 2021