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It can be tough to find clothes that fit. It can be even more difficult to find tee shirts that fit well. They’re either too boxy or too snug, making it look like you  never know exactly quite how to dress. What’s even worse is when a shirt fits well in the chest but then is way too short.

If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect tee shirt, consider Son of a Tailor. This program utilizes computer algorithms to nail the perfect fit every time.

How Does Son of a Tailor Work?

Son of a Tailor utilizes a cutting edge computer algorithm to provide a best fit guarantee. You enter five simple inputs to design your custom tee shirt. You begin by telling the computer what color and weight of shirt you want - there are tons of colors available and you can choose between medium or heavyweight Supima cotton fibers. This tee shirt fiber is renowned for its remarkable fit, its soft feel, and it's ultimate breathability.

Then, you move on to designing the neck cut. You can choose a classic V or crew neck, a plain or ribbed neck, and even a cuffed or plain sleeve. Then you can add either your initials or a pocket.

The best part about ordering from Son of a Tailor is that it measuring is incredibly accurate. All you need to do is measure an existing tee shirt you have that fits you well, and then share with the company. You can also record five different measurements for your upper body.

If that sounds too complex, you can even use the Ideal Size program on the manufacturer's website. This utilizes your shoe size, weight, age, and height to determine the appropriate readings. Son of a Tailor claims to have a 90 percent accuracy rate in fit. Before confirming your order, you can see how your patterns rates against different off-the-rack sizing options. You can add things like long sleeves, a loose-fitting neck, and a longer or shorter bottom hem. That’s all there is to it!

And it doesn’t stop at tee shirts. You can also purchase custom-fitted sweatshirts. This refined upgrade allows you to make sure that all of your clothes fit in exactly the way you want them to, from the inside layer out.

Cost and Price Plans

Compared to other tee shirts, Son of a Tailor shirts can be somewhat expensive. They range between $48 and $64, depending on the selections you choose when you are designing your shirt. That being said, the amount of customization involved in making this shirt makes the price, without a doubt, a bargain - you will likely wear this shirt every single week for many years, so it’s a great value overall.

Competitors and Alternatives

Son of a Tailor isn’t the only player when it comes to tailor made tee shirts. You can also use apps such as MTailor. Also known as the Mobile Tailor, this program allows you to design your own shirts and have them picked up by a team of professional tailors near your location.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Customers love how quickly these shirts ship, as well as how wonderfully they fit. Each shirt comes with a handwritten note from the creator, thanking you for your purchase and providing you with detailed washing instructions. The shirts offer limited neck tightness and no snug armpits.

Son of a Tailor offers quality fabric and affordable shirts that fit well and are made out of heavyweight fabric. Although there isn't an endless bevy of color options available, you can find plenty of customization in other areas.

Son of a Tailor also offers a Perfect Fit Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that you can get a brand-new tee shirt if your shirt does not fit or otherwise does not meet your expectations. All you have to do is contact customer support to get this taken care of. You can even reorder the same exact tee shirt if you are super satisfied with the first one you received, allowing you to restock your wardrobe with ease.

Customer Service

One of the best features of Son of a Tailor - and one that is most beloved by customers - is how quick delivery is. Tee shirts usually arrive within fourteen days, a far cry from the many weeks or months that other custom clothing orders require. Packaging is minimalistic and shipping - even international shipping - is free.

How can they afford to ship so quickly and so inexpensively, you might ask? It’s simple. Because the company maintains a low volume of inventory and experiences low return rates - a result of it’s custom fit procedures - they can afford to pass those savings on to you.

The only downside to using Son of a Tailor is that it can be difficult to contact a live person if you have any questions or concerns. Short of sending an email to the following address: [email protected] or using the website’s chat feature to get answers to your questions, there’s not much that you can do to talk to a real person in the customer service department.

Where to Buy?

Because the whole point of ordering through Son of a Tailor is to offer customized fit and sizing, you can only purchasing Son of a Tailor shirts from - you guessed it - the company's website directly. If you need any alterations or need to make a return, you can also completed his process directly through the manufacturer.

Is Son of a Tailor Worth It?

If you’re trying to find a tee shirt that offers quality construction and the perfect fit every time, you should give Son of a Tailor a shot. While you may pay a little bit extra, it’s well worth the cost. You don’t have to wait months on end for your shirt to arrive, and shipping is always free. Consider investing in one of these shirts - and never buy another ill-fitting tee shirt again.


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