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About Sofar Sounds

Looking for a different way to listen to live music? Interested in transforming your normal space into a concert venue? From your living room to the local coffee shop, the park down the street to your office, Sofar Sounds helps create immersive experiences to bring artists and listeners closer together.

What is Sofar Sounds?

Sofar Sounds creates new live music experiences by curating secret performances in over 400 cities around the globe. This program brings together guests and artists in unique, hidden locations, allowing musicians and listeners alike to enjoy a show without the distractions of other live events.

This company was created by Rafe Offer in 2009 who invited friends to his London apartment for a low-key gig. This quickly turned into a regular hobby and then blossomed into a global community.

How Does it Work?

Sofar Sounds works in a relatively simple manner. Sofar shows are offered via a lottery. You may apply for tickets no later than five days before an event, unless tickets happen to sell out. You will receive an email if you are invited to attend, but if you are denied, you can also apply again in the future.

If you’re selected, you should grab a few friends by purchasing tickets. The amount of tickets and ticket price varies depending on where you live, but in general you can purchase tickets for you and up to nine other people. You can also attend a concert solo.

The day of the show, you will receive an email with the address of the gig. You can bring your own drinks and then find a seat. You don’t learn who is going to be there until you get there. This will allow you to discover new bands and artists, opening your horizons to new musical experiences. Sofar Sounds is available in 433 cities all around the world, including San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver, and more.

You can also volunteer to be a Sofar Sounds host. Because the company started by hosting shows in people’s private homes, today Sofar happens in a variety of locations such as homes, apartments, rooftops, breweries, galleries, and more. You can sign up to give a home setting on the website. There are various perks involved for being a Sofar host, including being able to reserve a few spots for guests of your choosing and receiving free tickets for yourself.

If you’re interested in performing with Sofar Sounds as an artist, you can also sign up on the website. Most Sofar cities offer two different forms of compensation - a high-quality video of your performance or a flat fee of $100 in U.S. cities.

How Long is a Sofar Sounds Show?

All Sofar Sounds shows feature three acts, the length of which can vary depending on where you are located. There are no openers or headliners, and each lineup is carefully designed to provide audiences with the most diverse, engaging shows possible. You can bring your own beverages to the sets, and you are asked to refrain from texting or talking. You  must also arrive on time and stay for the duration of the show.

Cost and Price Plans

Ticket prices vary depending on the city. There are two different pay structures, which include fixed-price tickets and pass the hat.

Tickets for fixed-price systems range between $10 and $30 in the United States and £12-17 in the United Kingdom. Tickets are €13 in Spain. All ticket costs are offered at a per person rate, and there are not discounts available.

In the pass the hat pay structure, audience members are not required to pay beforehand. However, they are encouraged to contribute cash during the show. This pay structure is usually available only in cities where shows happen just once or twice per month.

Competitors and Alternatives

Sofar Sounds is relatively unique, offering a dynamic listening experience for music enthusiasts. Besides Sofar Sounds, there is one other major name in this music revolution: Airbnb Sounds.

Famous for its home stay options, Airbnb launched a new program called Trips in 2016. The Music Experiences program is offered under the global Trips platform, and hosts over 100 concerts around the world every  month. These are also held in unconventional venues and host small audiences of fewer than 100 people.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers love how easy it is to access exclusive events in their home cities. You can listen to up and coming artists at a relatively low price and enjoy a low-key, laid back atmosphere.

One complaint about Sofar Sounds is that there are some age limits for attending concerts. This is because events are BYOB, and there is a strong likelihood that alcohol will be present. Any individuals who are underage and partaking in the consumption of alcohol will be asked to leave. Children younger than sixteen must be accompanied by adults.

The only other major criticism about Sofar Sounds is that you don’t have any options with your tickets if you cannot make the show. Ticket sales are final and you may not receive a refund. However, if an event is cancelled or the location changes within 24 hours, tickets can be refunded or transferred. You can also give your ticket to a friend. There is also extensive controversy over how little the artists are paid for their time, but since they are mostly up and coming musicians, this is mostly to be expected.

Customer Service

Have more questions? Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get ahold of customer service at Sofar Sounds. All you need to do is visit the Sofar Sounds Contact Page. There, you can submit a general inquiry by chatting with guest support, submit a media press request, apply as an artist, or extend an offer for a commercial partnership with Sofar Sounds.

Sofar Sounds has headquarters in London and New York City. You can submit a request for more information via the Sofar Sounds contact form, or you can visit one of their many social media channels on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google Plus.

Where to Buy?

You can register for a Sofar Sounds account on the organization’s website. Here, you have several options in signing up. You can apply for a one-time concert attendance or you can subscribe to the new monthly membership program.

This monthly membership program gives you access to special connections and exclusive perks. You can receive half price tickets and guaranteed entries to shows in your city. This can be paused or cancelled at any time. There is also a student discount rate of 25 percent so that college students can attend concerts at a more affordable rate.

Is Sofar Sounds Worth It?

If you are a live music fan and are seeking a more unique listening experience, you should consider Sofar Sounds. This organization wants to revolutionize the way we listen to music, and offers a fantastic live experience through its specially curated, top-secret performances.

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