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SnoreRx, found online at, describes itself as an anti-snoring oral appliance that promises to not only provide their customers to a fast solution to their snoring problems, but also to do it better than their competitors.

According to, snoring is a common condition that is caused by vibrations that are created in the back of your neck when a sleeping person's lower jaw falls back and results in a narrow and constricted airway.

Snoring is such a common problem, in face, that there has become an entire market dedicated to helping people eliminate or at least improve this condition. Major retailers like Walmart and Amazon sell strips, pillows, and chinstraps all claiming to fix this problem. 

Unfortunately, SnoreRx says that these products can’t actually solve your snoring problems because they are unable to address the real cause of snoring – the lowering of the jaw and the narrowing of your airway.

Only oral appliances like ZQuiet, Vital Sleep, and SnoreRx are address this issue in their design, by pulling your jaw forward to open up the airspace in the back of your throat, thereby stopping the vibrations in the back of the throat and ultimately solving the issue that causes snoring.

SnoreRx goes on to say that their product is actually even better than the other oral appliances available, because their mouthpiece adjusts in 1 mm increments, which makes the more customizable than other devices.

It also allows users to reset their adjustments if they need to, and they claim to be the only anti-snoring device that meets new Medicare standards and is certified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Customers can order a single SnoreRx mouthpiece for a cost of $99, with the ability to try it for 30 days and still return it for a refund if you are unhappy with the results. Currently, there are no available coupon codes for this product, but customers who sign up for a free account may be eligible for special offers in the future.

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