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About Snack Nation

Who doesn’t love a tasty healthy snack?  Snack Nation is hoping to fill that niche delivering healthier (hard to find snacks) straight to your door.  Founded by Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen, the company is committed to higher quality ingredients with the unofficial motto of “count chemicals, not calories.”

Snacks are tested and hand-selected by “Snack Scientists” for flavor and nutrition that are free of nasty preservatives and questionable ingredients. Snack Nation is working with emerging natural food brands that are producing great products.

How Does it Work?

A box of six snacks for $1 (plus shipping of $3.99) are delivered once a month. Snack Nation offers monthly billing on your box of nibbles or you can cancel at any time. You’ll be introduced to new brands and discover healthier options of protein bars, chips, dried fruits, trail mix, jerky, nuts, crisps, granola, healthier cookies and popcorn.

Snack Nation has divided up their tasty treats under the categories of Bars, Chips, Healthy Indulgences and Extra Healthy Snacks.

Let’s talk options, here’s a sampling of what Snack Nation offers:

  • Go Macro
  • Caveman bars,
  • Oogies’ Popcorn
  • Garden Veggies Crisps
  • Hawaiian Kettle Style Chips
  • Mr. Native Almonds
  • Bark Thins
  • Enjoy Life
  • Wonderful Pistachios
  • Plentils Lentils Chips
  • Enlightened Broad Bean Crisps
  • Skinny Pop
  • Vegan Bob’s
  • Beanitos
  • Late July
  • Dried fruit
  • Healthier cookie
  • and much more!

If you’re already on the search for healthier snacks or have avoiding grains, nut allergies, Gluten Free, Paleo or Plant Paradox compliant then you’ll certainly recognize some of these brands.  However, not all of these snacks will be for you.
That’s ok, you’ve got options to hand pick your snacks each month, review the list of ingredients and make the best choices for what you and your kiddos, housemates or co-workers want to munch on.

Cost and Price Plans:

Snack Nation offers various tiers of membership from the Snack Nation Club with access to the Snack Nation Marketplace where you can hand pick favorite snacks individually or in bulk.  Customers also qualify for free shipping on orders over $30 or more.

Their most popular option is the Dollar Snack Club where surveys are sent out via email and applied to customer’s accounts after each survey closes. Larger Snack Boxes and Office Snacks with a monthly order or 3-6-12 month plans.

Snacks at work, yes please! Snack Nation offers an office box with 12 different brands and 140-160 snacks delivered monthly. Snacks are a full size single-serve portion and not a sample size.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Snack Nation provides several happy and satisfied testimonial reviews on their website. The focus; however, is on the employer (office assistants and HR managers) who’ve treated their co-workers to a much larger office box of snacks.
This makes sense as Snack Nation actually started as an office snack delivery service.

To Survey or not to Survey?

Part of the great deal is that Snack Nation needs your feedback. That’s right, you’ll need to complete a 2 minute survey sharing your thoughts on these brands and snacks to secure the $1 price on a box of midday munchies. No survey time for you, that’s an option too and you’ll pay $9.99 which includes shipping.

Each purchase at Snack Nation helps fight hunger. So if you were on the fence, this should help make up your mind. Snack Nation donates a meal for every delivery through their partner Feed America.  Over 3.7 million meals have been delivered through the Feed America network which is 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs nationwide.

Competitors and Alternatives

Graze Box is a popular alternative that offers numerous variations on trail mix, oat bars and savory snacks they’ve created from scratch. Graze offers taste profiles and dietary options so you can hand pick your snacks or follow their recommendations with categories including Veggie Protein Boost, Oaty Pick-Me Ups, Crunchy Savory Favorites, Post Workout Fuel and Tasty Vegan.

Graze subscriptions starts at $14.99 for 8 snacks or individual products start at $3.99. Delivery options include twice a week, weekly or every two weeks.


Let’s recap on Snack Nation. Take a 2 minute survey once a month and six healthy snacks are delivered to your door at a fabulous price. Tasty treats for you, family and friends equals one meal donated through Feed America for every box delivered. Workplace snack boxes, membership specials or bulk ordering options.

Customers have web portals where you can easily manage your account, updating quantity, shipping, skip a month, upgrade or cancel. Visit [email protected] for specific questions or review the FAQs online.

Snack Nation is located in Culver City, California and can be reached at 310-845-7750. Snack Nation’s Facebook page offers up a sampling of quotes, office articles and videos utilizing similar content found on The Awesome Office Show, tons of product profiles introducing new brands and pictures of sample boxes and happy customers. Get ready to nosh!

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