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Taking pictures on digital cameras is a handy way to capture moments and easily upload them to your computer for easy viewing. While saving them to your computer allows you to store them and access them easily, it is not always a reliable route to protect them. SmugMug is an online storage program dedicated to keeping your photos and videos safe. It is also an efficient method to organizing and archiving your photos.

New cameras introduced into the market are consistently improving their pictures quality with higher pixels and an overall higher resolution. While the pictures look a lot sharper, it compromises the storage space on your computer’s hard drive. Online storage databases free up room on your hard drive so you can continue to take and endless number of pictures.

This is especially useful for professional photographers who have many clients and need a lot of storage space. You can use an online storage calculator to determine the space necessary for your pictures and videos.

Not only does storing your precious memories on your computer take up memory, it also leaves you vulnerable to losing your pictures. Computers can crash at any time; all of them have a finite lifespan that is unpredictable in nature. Should you travel with your computer and it is lost or stolen you could end up losing all of your pictures. Of course, if you had them backed up on an external hard drive or on an online, off-site, storage program, there would be no need to worry.

There are other many benefits to using SmugMug. You can view, share and edit your photos directly through their website. Other components of their program include ordering photo prints, creating personalized gifts, designing photo albums and galleries, and accessing their e-commerce features.

Signing up for 14 day trial using SmugMug doesn’t require a credit card; you can test it out to evaluate its overall capabilities and then determine if it has everything you want. Each of their four available packages can handle downloads up to 50mb and have unlimited storage space.

The Basic option costs $5.00/month, this package does not include video support nor does it include the full e-commerce platform. For $8.00/month, the Power package affords you with everything the basic package has and more. This package is worth the few extra dollars because you can store your videos too. Customers with needs that extend into business operations may opt for the Portfolio package, which costs $20/month or the Business package that costs $35/month. These packages include extra security, a full e-commerce setup and an overall greater range of capabilities.

It is recommended that you research the company you choose to store your files with to confirm it is reputable and a long standing business with plans to continue forward. It would be devastating to save your photos to an online storage backup company’s system only to find out they are going out of business.

Before erasing the photos from your computer and camera, save a copy of them for yourself. You may find the process of backing up your photos to be cumbersome at times, but it is worth it in the long-run. You can never go back to re-capture those moments so make it a priority to keep your backups updated and make sure you are doing it right.

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