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Instant online live one-on-one tutoring is an overall summation of what you can find at Even though was initially intended as a tutoring platform for schools, colleges, and universities, they now allow any student who needs help to take advantage of their services. By using a virtual whiteboard technology, to connect students with expert educators, there is no need for software or external devices. has tutors available 24/7 and because there are many tutors accessible through their site, there is little to no wait time necessary to access help. While instant access is a benefit of this program, scheduling a session half an hour in advance is also an option. 
Tutoring is available for a range of subjects including, but not limited to: math, science, English, business, reading, technology, health, Spanish, and nursing. There are different price plans and packages to accommodate the needs of each individual student. They offer timed sessions as well as options for submitting writing assignments for review.
All purchases can be made online through a user account. The plans must be used in full within 4 months within the date of purchase. Refund requests must be made within 30 days of the original purchase.
To pursue tutoring based on time deduction, an hour is available at a cost of $35.00 and four hours cost $120.00. Each session is timed and minutes are deducted based on the type of assistance required. 
An online writing lab is the equivalent of 42 minutes, a paragraph review is 27 minutes, a 1 hour writing review is 67 minutes, and all pre-scheduled appointments are deducted by 30 min increments. In the case a student submits a non-urgent question offline; a total of 27 minutes is deducted from the students account. 
Writing assignment reviews are also available for purchase; one short essay review costs $19.95, one long essay review is $34.95, and one SAT essay review is $9.95. Feedback for writing submissions will typically include remarks on the content that touch on its strengths and weaknesses. Tutors will also give the student tips on how to improve their writing.
SmartThinking tutors are qualified instructors, comprised of graduate students, retired teachers and college faculty; they are all e-structure certified. Tutors receive manuals and handbooks to follow and are also guided by team leaders.
Online reviews, written by SmartThinking tutors, noted that the virtual whiteboard platform was outdated and thought it needed to be equipped audio capabilities. Parent and student reviews showed a positive consensus on the valuable help they receive from knowledgeable and certified educators. 
It is important to consider what form of teaching the student responds to best before signing up for the service. If the student learns best through audio or a hands-on approach, this style of tutoring may not work for them.
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