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About SmartPlanet

SmartPlanet, found online at, is a company that claims they were founded in 1995 with a mission of providing people with innovative and environmentally friendly products. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, all of the products they make have a common goal of making people’s lives both more enjoyable and more convenient, and in the pursuit of this goal they have created a huge product line that fits many different areas of a customer’s life. Their categories include Meal Kits, Hot Hydration, Cold Hydration, Snoopy & Peanuts, Treat Makers, and more.

Two popular examples of the wide range of products they offer are their Portion Perfect Tupperware and their Smokeless Indoor Grill. The Portion Perfect is a to-go lunch container that provides three inner compartments that “perfectly portion” your food. Two compartments are measured at one cup, while a third is two cups. 

The Smokeless Indoor Grill, on the other hand, is a countertop kitchen appliance that gives people the opportunity to grill food indoors at up to 450 degrees without creating any smoke or splatter.

In addition, all of the products offered by this company are intended to be easily dishwasher friendly, so once again people are experiencing the highest level of convenience.  

Cost/Price Plans

This company sells such a wide variety of products that there really is no way to quote a single or static price range for what you will find here, especially when you take into consideration any sales or promotions, and the fact that this company’s products are sold through other third party retailers. Some products are as affordable as just $9.99, while others are more than $50.00. The website does provide clear pricing of their products, so customers will know how much something will cost before submitting their order.     

Refund Policy

This company does offer a Refund Policy to their customers, but it is a very strict policy. Customers that wish to return a product for a refund or an exchange are welcome to do so, so long as the return is made within 7 calendar days of the date of delivery. 

Returned items must be in new, unaltered, and unused condition, and a 15% restocking fee will be assessed for all items that are being returned for a refund for reasons other than damage or defect. 

After 7 calendar days are passed, it is up to the discretion of the company whether or not they choose to offer their customers an exchange or a store credit. Any item that is returned after 7 days without first contacting their Customer Service team will not be accepted and no refund or credit will be issued.       

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] or by submitting them directly to their website through the Contact Us link posted at the bottom of the page.


First and foremost, it is in a customer’s best interest to search for reviews of the specific product they are considering purchasing, because this information will be the most relevant and helpful to prospective customers.

Outside of reviews of individual and specific products, there really aren’t many general reviews of this company and their policies. That being said, this company really does have an incredible strict Refund Policy that does not benefit customers at all. People who are considering buying a SmartPlanet product may want to purchase from a third party retailer that has a much more beneficial Refund Policy.        

Competitors and Alternatives?

Just like reviews, customers should look for alternatives to this company’s products based on the specific product they are interested in, as not every kitchenware or home goods company offers both indoor grills and Tupperware or storage ware.   

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your SmartPlanet reviews below.

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