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About Smart Living Company

The Smart Living Company says that they give people the ability to make their "entrepreneurial dreams a reality" by helping them start a successful and well supported home based business.

According to their website, their company was established more than 60 years ago and has since provided more than 2.5 million people with access to an independent business opportunity that they can use for either a part time or full time income, depending on their own personal needs. 

How Does It Work?

The Smart Living Company is essentially a dropship company, though they don't call themselves by that name. A dropship company is a company that provides a wide selection of goods which can be purchased by their members at discounted, wholesale prices and then sold through other websites.

Smart Living Company will store and maintain all their inventory, and ship it to your customers whenever a purchase is made, while the business owner is only responsible for marketing the items. 

The dropship company earns their money through monthly membership fees and the wholesale costs, while their members get to keep the profits from all the items that are sold. 

Cost/Price Plans

You can be a member of the Buyer's Club for free, but then you will not receive discounts on merchandise. Premiere Members must pay $19.95 per month, while Enterprise Members pay $39.95 per month. On top of monthly fees, all merchandise must be purchased individually.

Mobile Options

Not applicable.

Refund Policy

There is no published refund policy on the website regarding their merchandise, but since the other costs you pay are primarily in monthly membership fees, as long as you are on a month-to-month payment plan, you should be able to cancel your membership whenever you feel like it.

Customer Service Contact Info

Consumers with questions can contact them directly at the phone number 800-345-4762 or by mail at 4119 Guardian Street, Simi Valley, CA 93063.


Unfortunately there are some negative reports regarding the Smart Living Company, specifically regarding many fees and costs of their service they don't explain to members up front which ultimately make it difficult for their members to earn profits.

Is It Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding the safety of their services.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other dropship companies out there, like Doba and Online Suppliers Club.
If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Smart Living Company reviews below.

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1 Review

Horrible experience

May3, 2017

I joined this company because I wanted to be a business owner and make a better life for my family. I have experience with websites and marketing and had full confidence that I could succeed at selling products online.

I was very excited to get started yet I felt a little sick when I saw my website for the first time. It not only looked like a bottom of the barrel website that a child had made but it has only a handful of products and blank spots where out of stock products would be. Nothing about the layout conveyed the message of a professional trustworthy online store. I tried other layouts and they were all just as bad if not worse.

Then also there is my email address. At first it showed up in the address bar with '[email protected]' (i.e. [email protected]) …that could be a security risk! At first I thought they helped me fix that problem, but now it just shows up as “Sheila” and you don’t know I’m [email protected] unless you click on the email, that is if it doesn't go straight to your spam folder because it is flagged for being a girls name.

Still, I believed I could make my business work, so I invested money to upgrade my site. I received my “training” from someone who was very nice, but it was clear he was reading a script, in fact everyone that I have spoken with seems to be reading a script and has no actual experience building a website, marketing a website or maintaining a website. None of them have been able to answer any questions outside of their script.

I started branding my site, and my first marketing campaign on all major social media outlets, only to discover my site was down all day on Saturday. Feeling alarmed I tried to call tech support only to discover…they don’t work on weekends! If my site is having trouble I can only expect help Mon.-Fri during business hours??? How am I supposed to run a business when my site can be down for DAYS??? Today is Wednesday and my site has been down Saturday, part of Sunday, all of Monday, Tuesday and now Wednesday.

I called in first thing monday only to be told “You are not the only one experiencing this problem, all of the sites are down…This happens sometimes.” When I inquired how often I could expect this to happen I was again told “It doesn’t happen often. They are just doing updates to all of the sites. It happens sometimes… You might not experience it again for a year but there is no way to know when. It just happens sometimes”… He was very condesending and acted like it was no big deal.

Again I called on Tuesday and was told "Sheila, all of the sites are down, you are not the only one affected" & I said I'm sure your other customers are just as angry & he said "Sheila, you are the only one complaining" (which is either a flat out lie or he has no other customers because nobody would just sit back all calm while they were losing money & customers for days) I told him I don't not like being patted on the head and told everything was ok while I was losing customers, people were already unfollowing my social Media because of this and he said "I am not trying to pat you on the head, I have a dog at home to do that to"! He refused to connect me with a manager, give me a number for a manager or anything.

I have lost an unknown amount of customers as my site has been down over the last four days. I have lost an unknown amount of revenue. All potential customers that have tried to go to my site have lost confidence in me as I appear to be an invalid site. All affiliate programs I have signed up will most likely not except my application. Since I have begun branding my site and started the marketing process already there is no way of knowing how many customers I have so far lost.

The site and the email are unprofessional, they don’t offer editable images to be used for marketing you have to copy & paste images from their store, the videos you can add to your site are old, badly produced and not at all professional, some actualy look like they were shot in a cluttered apartment in the early 90's (i.e. the pizza stone video) and your site can be down for days and you have no way to fix it.

I called my bank today and reported them as a scam, the bank is reversing my funds since emerchantclub refuses to refund me and they are not delivering what I paid for. I had to cancel my bank card so they can't take any more of my money. Do not trust them they are only care about up-selling you "better" websites that are built by people that have no idea what they are doing.

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1 Review

Products are excellent. Tread not unless you have a work ethic & a brain.

September18, 2014

For the most part, Smart Living Company offers a fabulous opportunity. A large majority of neophytes can and do suffer misfortune, which isn't a surprising outcome with any business endeavor. Of course, the savvy ones will take the very same opportunity and turn it into fortune.

For awhile the product count dropped off significantly. I can only guess the reason to be was the transition from SMC to SLC. Recently it's begun to creep back up with most of the new products being quite attractive and of excellent quality. While it's thrilling to see the addition of some brand name toys & collectibles, the "wholesale" price on these is far too high in my opinion; tiny margin at best.

Continually low or no inventory on far too many of the more popular products is an ongoing & aggravating problem. Hopefully someone in the purchasing dept. will get a clue about anticipated need and begin re-ordering in sufficient quantities to meet demand. I suspect the merchandising dept. needs to hire on a few buyers with real-world sourcing experience as a higher priority than a college degree requirement.

Shipping charges are very low & they've done away with the drop-ship fee from the SMC days. Warehouse-to-door time is spot on every time, at least that's been my experience.The occasional damaged good is replaced immediately which is absolutely crucial to maintaining a stellar customer service record.

You still have to join the membership at one of various discount levels to be able to purchase. While this may appear to smack of "scam", it's anything but. As a lifetime member I'm ever so grateful they do charge lest the lack of a barrier would completely destroy the opportunity. Actually, I wish they'd raise it to help weed out some of the less business-minded resellers.

As you would expect, the online marketplace is painfully crowded, and rest assured that the "I hate profits so I sell way too cheap" crowd don't help matters any. That's not the company's fault as they don't impose MAP restrictions. However, if you're creative and don't mind the hard work that any business deserves, you can do pretty well. Offline opportunities are wide open, especially for brick & mortar owners.

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February 01, 2015


During a recent move to a new facility (late 2014 - early 2015) there's been some problems with them getting orders out the door in a timely fashion. I have noticed though that the inventory count is getting much better.

Hopefully the shipping problems of late will iron out soon and things will get back on track. Until then I've suspended selling SLC products.

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