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Fits Perfectly
March 23, 2018
Very pleased with the skin. Not too bulky, but still very protective. It fits my phone perfectly.

Great Phone Skin
March 22, 2018
Great phone skin. Just like the pictures and descriptions.

Worst Customer Service Ever
January 11, 2018

Placed an order like is stuck in the 'processing' period for weeks now, though they managed to charge my credit card already. Fancy that.

Try to contact them about this issue and get absolutely no response.

I could go on and on but the reviews seem to speak for themselves. BUYER BEWARE

December 8, 2017

Hands down the worst company I have ever had the displeasure to do business with. I made a purchase and expected my product in a reasonable time. Perhaps one week or two weeks. Alas weeks later and my order is still "processing". Seems to be a theme here if you read the above reviews.

There is no way to contact customer service. You can search their site high and low and you wont find any email or contact number. There is an email you can send a request to which I feel wasn't intended as a customer service email but it had to suffice. I emailed and was given the run around and regardless of circumstances they refuse to cancel my order when I no longer wanted to wait. They give me the run around telling me they cant't cancel orders during their sale. There website had a sort of clock countdown when the sale would end and every day it would say over in 12 hours well 24 hours later it would say over in 8 hours. Its like they kept changing it themselves.

I found these numbers associated with their business:


I called it no response

This number I found


No response

I googled Slickwraps to see what I could find out. Clearly they are an aweful company to do business with. Here is a link to rip off report where they screwed over a guy looks like he did design work for them. Slickwraps didn't pay him 4700 dollars.

READ for your self here:

Heres a little blurb written on the owner. He seems like a real piece of work. Check it out here.

I am sure I could find more at this point I just want to warn people about these guys.

Also Seht Isnl's review does not seem legit. Seems fake. Highly suspicious.

Exceeded My Expectations! + solutions to prevent bad experiences
December 7, 2017

Product arrived from USA to Australia faster than the rated shipping days. Application of product will take time as it is very complicated but is completely worth it for the end result. I use my phone without a case or a screen protector and the Charred Robot skin i ordered for my iPhone 6+ looks amazing. Very Impressed.

My phone is very slightly bent outwards so the skin did not reach the cutouts of my phone initially. I had to stretch the skin to meet the camera cut out. The skin was surprisingly flexible and the skin did not deform

I Would highly recommend this product for people who also don't use a case and want to greatly improve the look of their bare phone

To Maintain a positive Experience - QUICK NOTES

This skin is not meant to be used with the intention of using a case over it, it is for people who use their phone naked and want a little more protection on the back and a different look for the phone.

Combine orders with another person you know who would love to get a Slickwraps skin to cancel shipping costs if your order totals under $20

Make sure you check the shipping estimations so you don't feel like they have forgotten you, just because it takes longer to arrive

Make an account with Slickwraps before you order so you get an order number just in case anything goes wrong

Skins are "NOT" cases, they are high quality Vinyl adhesives.

To install properly, make sure you watch their tutorials because the installation process can be complicated

Take your time and be very precise when installing. aka like OCD. Seriously! You would be more pleased with the end result

It is also recommended that whilst your application, you have great lighting. This will make it much easier to line up parts of the skin


June 5, 2017
first of all, please consider Dbrand skin if you want to buy skins for your phone (trust me on this). So...Slickwraps..huh..made a purchase on their working hours and my order is still processing until NOW. They have deduct my money from my bank. The helpdesk said that they don't process order on weekends but I am purchasing it on weekdays..wednesday to be precised..last 2 weeks..and until now my order is still in "processing" status and non of my email (even twitter) are replied after the first replied from them. What a bummer!

Seht I December 07, 2017


Bad Customer Service; 50% Refund for Wrap that doesn't FIT!
June 1, 2017
I received my Slickwraps sticker yesterday and was very disappointed in that the sticker did not actually fit my Iphone 6s rose gold (front is white). The sticker I purchased was the black carbon print. Different than what is portrayed on their website, I can still clearly see the white part of my iphone 6s (looks really bad). I wanted them to provide a refund because I went back to look at their online reviews and others have been having similar issues with the edge of the phone showing up (esp. since my iphone is white), so the same sticker would not solve the problem. They would only mail me the same product or 50% refund (b/c product is used?). How would I know if it fits if I don't install it?! I even removed the sticker from my phone and offered to mail it back to prove I am not using it. Their customer service has stopped responding, very bad.

Absolutely Unacceptable and Abysmal Customer Service
December 22, 2016

Much like the other customer who made an order on December 11th, paid for expedited shipping, and then has never received the product (but HAS received the lousiest customer service ever), I too have had an near-identical experience. I made an order a full EIGHT DAYS earlier than my fellow customer (December 3) and have never received my Slickwrap which is/was intended as a Christmas gift. Every time I write to their customer service center, I end up getting the same, very late, very delayed, reply from a customer service agent. Here's a full transcript of what they say:

"Sorry for the delay, due to the high volume of orders we have from our recent sales this is our busiest time of the year. We are working very hard to try and fulfill all our customers' orders in a timely fashion. At this time your order is loose in our facility amongst many others. We do indicate sales can affect processing times and also that selecting faster shipping methods don't sped up our processing. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, if you'd like I can refund the difference for the Fedex shipping and send it out USPS."

This was from December 12, nine days after I ordered a Slickwrap AND paid for two-day shipping on an item that was listed on their site as "in-stock." Take special note of the offer to refund the FedEx charge and send it USPS. I mean, what kind of business ethic is this?!? The only reasonable thing to say after a nine-day gap between expedited order and customer service communication is something along the lines of: "I'm really sorry, this is unacceptable, I will see to it personally that this 'in-stock' item is sent out to you today via FedEx AND I am going to credit you the expedited shipping fee for your inconvenience." But nope. Not that at all. In fact, at this point I am beginning to think that this is a company run by 16 year olds (no offense to 16 year olds out there)

Flash forward to yesterday, December 21, now a full 18 days after I ordered an "in-stock" item and paid for expedited shipping (almost $12, mind you). I had written to inquire, again, about the delivery's whereabouts and to voice my frustration about their lack of service. Here's what I received in reply (which took at least three or four days to arrive):

"My apologies again for the delay, as I offered previously, if you'd like I can refund the difference for the Fedex shipping and send it out USPS. Your order is loose in our facility amongst thousands of other orders. Our packaging and shipping departments are working hard to get orders completed. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Again, completely unacceptable, patronizing, and flat-out WRONG! Probably most annoyingly of all, every customer service rep has clearly been told to sign off their emails with "With Love" and they refer to themselves as the "Slickwraps Happiness Team." Well, you know what, "Team"?? That's wishful thinking if ever I heard it.

And now I too am trying to cancel but they are not replying. Ridiculous.

My parting advice to online shoppers everywhere: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SLICKWRAPS. THEY ARE INCOMPETENT CON ARTISTS.

Horrible Company.. horrible customer service..horrible shipping!!!
December 20, 2016

Ordered 2 (IN STOCK) Slickwraps for Christmas Gifts on the 11th of Dec.. paid $27.67 extra to get quicker shipping and handling.. and today is Dec. 20 and they still have not shipped!!! I have emailed them countless times.. their communications and customer support is horrible and very slow.. I have since had to purchase 2 other decals from Amazon (they shipped next day) and have tried to cancel my order with Slickwraps. THEY WON'T LET ME!!! I have asked Visa for help.. of course SLICKWRAPS charged my VISA as soon as I placed the order 9 days ago.. perhaps a company should hire extra help to place items in shipping envelopes and mailing them..????? NOT HARD.

My husband tried phoning them many times and nobody is answering the phone.

DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE>> wondering if its a legit business.. we will be returning the product as soon as it arrives.. and VISA will be backing us up!

Slick wrap, horrible wraps, and customer service to mathc
November 30, 2016
Its very unfortunate to have to give a product with so much hype, such a bad review. As a consumer who hates putting on cases on electronics, my one solution for minor protections for my devices are the wrap options. A lot of electronic reviewers, hype up this product, for the quality and the brand. Due to these reviews it was a no brainer to try out their products. Upon receving the item after 1.5 weeks after ordering it, I had quality issues and found that the brand lies when they say the products are high quality. I purchased the leather wrap for a 13" macbook and Lg G5. the leather feels like the dashboard of cheap american car, and chips off in the cold. As I live in Canada this is something I cannot escape a few times of the year. I contacted the customer service, and they sent me part of my replacements and charged me for it, and Upon messaging back they have made no effort to send me a replacement. It has been two months and they have yet to assist me. If you buy this product, be aware that customer service is not helpful.