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Scam wristband from sleep connection
November 17, 2023

Just got scammed from this company for three wristbands. They said they refunded the smallest amount and i never received it and they said they couldnt cancel the other order as it had already shipped a couple of hours after i ordered them. Total scam, have filed a complaint with paypal in hopes of getting my money back. Knew it was a scam as soon as they sent the tracking numbers you can't track the shipping company doesn't exist.

Ant- Store wristband
September 15, 2023

I have been trying for days & days for a Return Address to return for The Sleep Connection wrist band as it does not work for me! You gave a Guarantee BUT NO RETURN ADDRESS!

Why has this been SO DIFFICULT?

Amanda September 15, 2023

Just does not work for me at all !!!

Don't waste your money!!
March 17, 2023

I brought the ant-snore wrist band from Sleep Connection, once I received it and installed the battery into it the connecters were not working, I had to play with the battery to get it to work. Then the devise would not work.

They have a 30-day money back guarantee. No, they are not guaranteeing their word. They offered me $26.23 and said to keep the non-working wrist band. I paid $43.94 for it.

Buyers beware, they don't stand behind their word. Always use a Credit Card as to dispute the charge.

Dan B

Waste of money; impossible to use
October 24, 2022
Impossible to use. Ridiculous "conductive electrodes" stick to everything they shouldn't and nothing they should. Need to be replaced DAILY @ $12/12 sets. Don't waste your money.

A Scam
May 7, 2022
I tried out the Sleep Connection Wrist band and it is a total waste of money. The gel pads came off the first night and would not reattach. The first impression when opening the box was, "wow this looks very cheap". In order to try and make it work, it has a tendency to reduce circulation in the hand due to the level of tightness it needs to be set to in order to work. Save your money and explore other options. This product is a scam.

March 30, 2022

I ordered the wristband and then decided to check reviews. Decided against it and emailed to cancel.

Decided to call to make sure and they only wanted to give me half my money back. told them its only been an hour they didn't even ship it yet, they kept arguing with me to keep it.took awhile but got my money back.

does not work
February 17, 2021
this is a scam. a purchase this and used it. It stings your wrist mildly but on a continuous interval. It does not sense I was snoring. I put it on and it starts stinging my arm within few seconds and repeated every 20 seconds or so. it actually does not let you sleep. maybe that is how it stops her from snoring.

szkot January 18, 2022

Actually, a very good comment. Says it all in the last sentence. However, maybe it works. Somehow. So far it doesn't want to detect light snoring but it does it with heavy breathing.

szkot January 18, 2022

In short: Do NOT buy!!!

Waste of money
January 26, 2021

If i could give a zero i would. It zaps you every 10 seconds due to any noise in the room. Also they charge you 64.00 and extra for more pads when amazon is selling the same device for 13.79. I guess i should have done my homework. Please do not buy this. I hope i get all my money back.

Buyer beware. So tired of these scam companies.

jedwards February 14, 2021

I got taken also. junk

Don't buy under any circumstances.
January 15, 2021
This is totally useless. Does not work. And they will not refund your money.

CoryMeyer January 26, 2021

They dont refund?

jedwards February 14, 2021

Wife was mad that I snore and wasted money on this...

Careful with this product.
December 27, 2020
Item does not work, Poor reviews, Waste of time and money

jedwards February 14, 2021

Junk, don't waste your money.

This devise badly burned my skin
December 21, 2020

This device badly burned my skin! I adjusted the intensity of the electrical impulse but over a few weeks of wearing this device, which my wife actually said I did snore much less, I noticed that as the battery wore down, it was hard to get much of any impulse, but with a new battery, it was triggering way more than just from snoring!

My wrists are red, swollen and have open breaks in my skin from using this devise. I wish I could show you a picture of how bad it is! Very very disappointed. Their customer service is issuing a full refund. I’m in the process of now making an appointment to see a dermatologist to find out what can be done!

November 23, 2020
lol, if you understand basic physiology you would know why a bracelet is not going to stop snoring. Shame on all you suckers who bought this product. Go see a doctor and get a sleep study done, you most likely need CPAP.

Sleep connection
September 1, 2020
Junk, does not work. Fake reviews saying how good it is, they delay the return so you cannot get it. Jamey calarco

Martin Rub September 17, 2020


Doesn't work at all, just lights up!!

All options on their phone claims wait time of more than 10 minutes, but never answers!

SCAM!!!! SCAM!!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!

Terrible customer service - don't expect much if product it defective
June 6, 2020

The anti snore device they sent me was defective and did not function. It gave constant pulses from the time I put it on until the time I took it off without detecting snoring.

I asked for a refund, but they argued with me and wanted to just refund 20%. I Paid with PayPal and issued a PayPal dispute. I returned the device to Sleep connection, and 3 weeks latter I got a refund that did not include shipping either way. So I ended up paying for them to ship me a defective device and to ship it back to them.

Based on this and the previous review, Sleep connection is a scam on several levels. Do not purchase from them.

May 20, 2020

I started a purchase of this to help my health. It said that the back was made out of gel and never said anything about needing anything more. But as I got into the order it said that there was electrodes that you would have to buy and replace often costing you up to $30 that might last you just 6 months. So you will always need to replace them. That is an additional expense!

What out for this rip off!!

I then backed out and didn't complete the order. Everything looked okay. The next day however I saw the order did go thru. I contacted them and they said sorry(what a lie) you will have to wait until your order arrives and then open the box put your info in it and then return it to us.

Rip off!!!

Don't get caught with this one.

On top of all of that if when they receive it they say is used you get nothing back... zero refund. You pay for shipping both ways and they just keep all your money!!!!

You have been warned DON'T fall for it.

Also if you do snore there is a health reason why it is called sleep apnea and guess what this thing if it did work WILL ONLY COVER UP YOUR HEALTH CONDITION CAUSING IT!

Don't get stuck like I did.

Remember I tried to save you.

JeromeSchindler November 16, 2022

One would think that the federal FTC and similar state agencies would go after companies that make these fraudulent claims. The old saying "if it sounds too good to be true . . ." applies here.