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About SkyLink TV Antenna

If you’re tired of paying for everything you want to watch, including Netflix and TV subscriptions, SkyLink invented a special device that you can use to watch your favorite channels for free.

The whole idea is to get rid of various electronics so you can watch your favorite shows easily. SkyLink aims to let you watch all of your favorite channels using a single device called SkyLink TV Antenna. But, is SkyLink really that good? Is it a scam or not?


SkyLink offers only a single product on their website and it’s SkyLink TV Antenna. As we mentioned, it’s all about freeing the space which you would normally use to place numerous devices in order to watch TV channels.

The product is simply one antenna which is capable of receiving up to 100 channels, and all of that for free. And if you ask yourself if this product is completely legal, the answer is yes. It’s completely legal and all you have to do is buy the antenna and go through the easy Setup process.

Since this antenna is made using military-grade technology, the installation process is easy and the functionality is promised. But, does SkyLink TV Antenna actually works? Let’s see…

How does it Work?

SkyLink antenna offers a simple experience, and as such, it works in a simple manner. The installation consists of plugging the antenna into your TV running a channel scan from the TV menu.

All the connectors are included in the package, and additional costs are kept to a minimum. The channel scan lasts about a few minutes and you'll be able to watch all of your favorite channels in no time.

The secret lies deep beneath the conventional signal that any television operator provides. In order to respect the law, every television operator must provide a signal per radio, as well as the aforementioned conventional signal.

This means that triangulating a conventional signal isn’t necessary if you want to watch your favorite channel and SkyLink takes advantage of this secret. Pretty clever, huh?

As the signal strength depends on the tower distance and factors that might scramble the signal, you’ll sometimes need to implement the Amplifier. This is a little caveat that comes with the product.

Cost and Price Plans

The most important question – how much does it cost? It's cheap and costs $39.95 for a single SkyLink Antenna. If we take into an account that we’re talking about a single purchase, with no monthly fee and invoices, that’s a pretty affordable price.

Luckily, for those who want to implement this product on two, three or more TVs in the house, SkyLink offers several bundles.

Aside from the single SkyLink Antenna, you can buy two of them for $69.90, three of them for $99.99, 4 of them for $130, and 5 of them for $149.75. If we calculate the price, the best deal is the third one. $99.99 means that you get every antenna for $30, which is $9.95 cheaper for every single antenna.

Customer Service

The customer service has all you need for the easy communication with the company. First of all, SkyLink has an email that you can use to send your question and doubts, and its [email protected]

Usually, you’ll get your response pretty fast, depending on the question. The average response time goes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. If you live in Dayton, you can visit SkyLink in person and make a purchase or ask about an issue.

But, if you want to contact the support team, you can do it Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM EST. The return policy of SkyLink states that you can cancel the order before it’s processed and dispatched. It’s usually within 24 hours of purchase. If you receive the damaged product, the return process can be realized and you’ll get a full refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints

How does SkyLink fare in online reviews? To be honest, not that great. While many reviewers praised the compact design and easy setup, the issues were reported with the channel search.

The reviewers pointed out that SkyLink’s channel list isn’t the best out there and that it isn’t able to receive signals from the channels far away.  That being said, the reviews for SkyLink aren’t particularly great.

Competitors and Alternatives

Let’s talk about competition. The first one comes from TVFox and it's an amplified HDTV antenna that supports 30-mile range. It costs around 20 bucks and it's a solid purchase for modest users.

The next alternative is the Skywire TV antenna that packs a punch for the price. We’re talking about 4K, 150-mile range support which requires only a Hoax cable to be connected. It’s a bit cheaper than SkyLink and works in a similar manner.

Finally, the company ClearTV also offers their product at a relatively affordable price. They advertise the product to support digital TV channels, as well as a simple setup that goes with it. Overall, these products are very similar to each other and it’s just a matter of preference.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy a SkyLink Antenna is no other than the website itself. If you decide to buy it from the website, you can pay with a credit card, VISA card or your PayPal account. Of course, you’ll need to enter your first and last name, as well as e-mail and phone number. Alternatively, SkyLink offers you their physical address and you can visit them if you live nearby.


SkyLink is a product that promises a lot, yet still has lots to improve to deliver on their promises. If you want a bit more channels and you aren't a demanding user, this antenna would do a great job for you.

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