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About is the online home of Skout, a mobile application which claims that meeting new people can be tough, but they have put in the necessary time and effort to find a way to utilize mobile technology to make it easier.

According to their website, their company was founded in 2007 to help develop software for online social interaction, which eventually led them to create their mobile application which has become one of the largest global networks for meeting new people. says their app works on the premise that they should preserve the "magic" of serendipitous meetings between people, whether they are five minutes away from you or in one of the other 100 countries with participating members.

They also say that their social network is intended to make a wide range of social connections possible, from friendship to romance, to professional networking, making it a great application whenever someone moves to a new city, graduates college, begins a new career, or has any other life event which may lead them to reach out and connect with new friends.

There are many other social mobile applications similar to Skout that make many of the same promises and offer many of the same features, like the ability to chat, exchange photos and notes, and send virtual gifts.

But Skout is slightly different in one way - they allow teenagers and adults both to use their mobile application, which led to complaints and issues with safety in the past when there was inappropriate communication between adults and minors. says they have addressed this issue now, and they currently maintain two different and separate communities of users, one specifically for teens and the other specifically for adults.

Their website says that their application has been used by millions of people in order to meet new friends and make new connections, but if you use their service and decide you are unhappy for any reason, you can sign in and delete your account without any difficulty.

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