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About Skooli Online Tutoring

School can be stressful  - but it doesn’t have to be with Skooli, the new app that makes dynamic online tutoring possible for students everywhere. If you’re ready to start getting better grades (as soon as today!) then Skooli Online Tutoring is a resource that you need to consider.

How Does Skooli Work?

You can learn one-on-one with a subject-area expert in the Skooli Online Classroom. No matter what subject you need help, there are professionals available to help get you caught up. Not only can tutors help you in the subject you need help ni and at your specific grade level, but you will be able to connect with tutors at any time of the day.

Because this tutoring system is Internet-based, it allows you to use your tablet, smartphone,m or computer to meet with your tutor wherever and whenever you need to. You only pay for the time you use, so you aren’t stuck paying for long term commitments, subscriptions, or prepayments. You can simply pay as you go.

When determining who will teach Skooli courses, the requirements are quite stringent. All tutors must go through a rigorous screening process so that Skooli can ensure that only the most qualified professionals are selected. Students benefit from professional tutors who provide instruction that enables learners to study at their own pace with advanced digital technology. 


Getting started is easy. As a student, all you need to do is ask your question and then you can chat with the tutor and enter the online classroom. As a parent, Skooli provides you with a safe, secure tutoring option that reduces the stress from homework while also allowing you to stay involved in your child’s learning. It saves time and it’s a great solution for busy parents.

Skooli offers multiple technological applications. As a student, you can interact with your tutor over video or chat via instant messaging. You can easily share files like homework, tests, graphs, and diagrams, and you can even write, draw, and type on the digital whiteboard. You can even replay tutoring sessions if you need a refresher on the materials you already learned!

How to Become a Skooli Tutor

Want to become a Skooli instructor so that you can cash in on your expertise? This is easy to do. As a Skooli tutor, you can easily set your own schedule by scheduling sessions when you are free. Although students can request instant help if you’re online, you only have to take the calls when you are actually available.

To apply as a Skooli tutor, you will have to undergo a thorough job review for your application. First, you must list your teaching certifications, proof of education, and verify your ID. If you appear to be a good fit, a team member will reach out to discuss your qualifications and next steps.

In order to be eligible, you must have a Bachelor's degree in a related field and a government-issued teaching license. Specialized instructor qualifications can help accelerate your application to the top, too.

Tutors earn good pay - on average, most receive about $25 per hour. You’re compensated for the time you spend in a classroom and you are eligible for a payout as soon as a session has been completed.

Cost and Price Plans

Signing up as a Skooli student or parent is totally free. You don’t have to pay for any long term, binding commitments or subscription and you can cancel whenever you want. You only pay for the services that you actually use.

Because Skooli has no monthly payments or subscriptions required, you can simply pay as you go. You will pay $0.82 per minute to use Skooli, and you only pay for the tutoring time you request.

Competitors and Alternatives

Skooli isn’t the only online tutoring service that’s making the grade. Some others to consider include League of Tutors, Chegg Tutors, and Wyzant.

League of Tutors offers effective math and English tutoring. TUtors are required to pass quizzes or tests before they are able to make their profiles available, and they offer high-quality handouts, lessons, and materials. Lessons are personalized, and, like those of Skooli, can be recorded and repeated as needed.

Chegg Tutors is similar to both Skooli and LEague of Tutors. Students can receive help either by appointment or on-demand. Pricing is a bit more complicated, however. There is a pay-as-you-go plan or you can purchase a paid plan for about $15 per week.

Finally, Wyzant has one of the best methods of selecting its tutors. When you sign up to receive tutoring via Wyzant, you will be able to see the educational background, weekly schedule, and rates of each tutor. Some tutors offer group rates if you want to take lessons together, while tutors can also contribute articles and answers to questions in their subject areas of choice.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Users appreciate the student-friendly interface of Skooli. Not only does technology enable students to learn better in the digital classroom, but it accommodates a wide variety of learning styles. As a student, you can rewatch tutoring sessions, chat, speak, draw, write, send files - anything at all! - at any time. Learning and mastering content is now simple and streamlined.

Plus, tutors are available at all times. You don’t need to wait around for somebody to become available. You can easily start an instant session at any moment to jumpstart your learning. Students receive weekly support so that they can monitor their ongoing improvement. You can get last-minute study help in case you need to do some final test prep (tutors are available 24/7. And, of course, the learning experience is personalized and intensive.

Customer Service

Need to get in touch with someone at Skooli with comments, questions, or for support? All you need to do is log on to the Skooli website. There, you will find contact information for customer service representatives. You can email [email protected] or pay them a visit at their physical address in Vancouver, CA. The website also has a chat feature and a helpful phone number at (844) 475-6654.

In addition, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If you aren’t sure whether this tutoring system will be right for you, you can sign up and try it risk-free - regardless of the topic in which you need help.

Where Can I Sign Up For Skooli?

You can sign up for Skooli or engage in a one-time session by visiting the Skooli website. Here, you can select your tutor for the subject matter and level you need. Tutors are available in elementary, middle, secondary, and college-level courses.

Although the most popular tutoring subjects are math (trigonometry, algebra, calculus, geometry, etc) there are also tutors available in subjects like essay writing and business, too. There are even more obscure topic areas available for instruction in fields like Abrahamic Religions and Abnormal Psychology.

Is Skooli Worth It?

Whether you’re trying to pass a class, ace an exam, or simply improve your grades so that you can get into college, Skooli offers you all of the resources you need. You can learn one-on-one from a tutor who is certified to teach your specific subject, and you get to pick your own teacher, too, so that you can find one who fits your specific learning style.

There are tons of online resources available to help you meet your educational goals - but it’s up to you to make the decision as to which one will best meet your needs. Skooli offers a personally tailored approach to learning that allows you to learn better with technology. Why wouldn’t you want to give it a try?

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