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Let’s be honest – we are all spending a lot of time at home right now. While some of us may have invested a lot of time improving our cooking skills, others may simply feel that spending lots of time cooking is something that is not working any longer. Sometimes, you just need and deserve a break.

Skip the Dishes is a company which believes that food delivery should be easy. As such, they created an online food delivery and pickup service which strives to deliver food to Canadian customers in an easy, efficient, and simple manner.

How Does It Work?

Skip the Dishes has tens of thousands of restaurants within their food delivery network so that Canadians can get the food they crave without the hassle.

They have a simple mission and works simply as well. All you need to do to participate as a customer is create an account with the website, search for food that you want to eat right now and then order the perfect meal. The company pairs you up with a driver who has your phone number and address to deliver your food.

They offer options which allow you to track your order in real time and use a voucher. If you ever need to cancel a Skip the Dishes order or request a refund, the company makes it easy by allowing you to reach out to them to fix your order.

At times, some restaurants within their network may offer free delivery. You can even use the Honey App to get Skip the Dishes coupons.

Additionally, there is a referral first order coupon program which gives you discounts for every friend who places their first order through the service.

If you want to make some extra income, you can become a Skip the Dishes driver or courier by submitting a driver application through their website. They will request license and insurance information, and then set you up with instructions on how to proceed with employment from there.

Cost and Price Plans

Skip the Dishes charges a range of prices depending on what restaurant you wish to order from. The restaurant’s regular food prices apply to each order, and in addition, they may charge you a delivery fee depending on your distance from the restaurant.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for a great food delivery service, there are several alternatives to Skip the Dishes.

One well-known option is Uber Eats, which is of course, a division of the ride share company, Uber. Uber Eats allows you to order a wide variety of foods from different restaurants at your convenience. It works similarly to the Skip the Dishes app.

First, you browse through hundreds of restaurants within your delivery area, add food to your order, place your order, and finally, track your order while you wait. While Uber eats is a popular service and has many satisfied customers, some customers on Facebook claim that long wait times have been a problem with Uber Eats and one review on Influenster states that the Uber Eats “drivers are lazy.”

Another popular food delivery service is Doordash. Doordash serves customers in a wide range of geographical areas including New York City, Denver, Sydney, Dallas, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Doordash strives to connect customers with the best food options that their cities have to offer. They want to serve customers, restaurants, and employed delivery drivers.

Unfortunately, Doordash does not have good reviews on sites like Trust Pilot and Site Jabber. Customers claim that Doordash offered the “worst customer service,” and that their food “never showed up.”

Finally, you might choose to order your breakfast, lunch, or dinner from Just Eat. Just Eat serves many countries, including Italy, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, and, of course, Canada. The Denmark-based company helps customers find and order delicious food in a safe and secure manner. The Just Eat UK app boasts a 4.5/5-star rating on Google Play.

Customer Service

You can contact Skip the Dishes through a chat form on their website or reach out via phone at 855-200-7547.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

If you are thinking about ordering a meal from this company, you may want to look at customer reviews first. Unfortunately, Skip the Dishes has not been well-received. Reviewers on websites like Trust Pilot and Site Jabber have a lot of negative things to say about the food delivery service.

Reviewers on Trust Pilot, for example, provide them with a low 1.4/5-star rating with over 5,000 customer reviews. Customers claim that Skip the Dishes is “the worst food delivery service,” offers “poor service,” and the “worst customer service.” One customer even warns others to “stay away from Skip the Dishes.”

Customers on Site Jabber have been similarly dissatisfied. Reviewers claim that Skip the Dishes has “no quality control,” “forgets things in your order all the time,” provides “terrible customer service,” has “no regard for public safety,” and “will not refund you for items you do not receive.”

Where to Buy?

You can place a Skip the Dishes order directly through their website for a wide variety of restaurants in Canada.

Is It Worth It?

Since so many people are stuck at home right now and worried about going out to restaurants, food delivery services certainly provide immense value. Unfortunately, Skip the Dishes may not be one of the best food delivery services out there. While they do serve a wide variety of customers in Canada and offer many different food options, they have been poorly reviewed across various websites.

Customers have complained about long wait times, overcharging, and not receiving the food they requested and paid for. These issues can cause a range of problems for customers, especially when they are hungry. While you may want to use a food delivery service right now, you may want to look elsewhere for one that has great customer service and prompt delivery times. That way, you can get the food you need when you need it!

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