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About SkinnyMint Teatox

With a mission to provide healthy supplements that will enrich both body and spirit, SkinnyMint is composed of a family of health experts who develop their quality products from high-grade ingredients that come from all over the world.

Other than their products, SkinnyMint wishes to provide their customers with a healthier lifestyle that will benefit their overall well-being, including their spirit, health and beauty.


The company currently has two major product lines, their Gummies and their Teatox. The SkinnyMint Gummies are aimed for weight loss and there are two kinds: Power Up and Hunger Buster.

The Power Up Gummies are made with green coffee beans and tastes like espresso. On the other hand, the Hunger Booster Gummies are made with Garcinia cambogia and comes in pineapple flavor.

The two kinds of Gummies are for different purposes but overall, they work together for weight loss. The Power Up Gummies are there to boost your metabolism to help you lose weight, while the Hunger Booster helps keep you feeling full.

While SkinnyMint Gummies are solid products, the SkinnyMint Teatox comes in the form of herbal tea bags. These were developed for the healthy detoxification of the body. Compared to the SkinnyMint Gummies, the Teatox comes with more variety.

Firstly, it comes in two kinds: The Morning Boost and the Night Cleanse. The Morning Boost has ingredients such as green tea, nettle leaves, yerba mate, dandelion and guarana fruit.

On the other hand, the Night Cleanse is made of ingredients such as ginger root, lemongrass, peppermint, hawthorn berries, orange leaves, senna leaves, licorice roots and psyllium husk.

Secondly, while you are simply able to get the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse separately and individually, you may also get bigger value packs such as the 14 Day Teatox and the 28 Day Teatox.

These Teatox products are filled with natural ingredients that aim to rid the body of toxic substances and replace them with healthy nutrients. As herbal teas, instructions would simply be to put these tea bags into boiling water for a couple of minutes.

How Does It Work?

Power Up Gummies have green coffee bean as their active ingredient, which has been studied extensively to boost bodily metabolism. The increase in metabolism would then mean that the body is going on overdrive and that more calories will be burned during normal activities.

This is why these gummies are recommended to be taken during the mornings while metabolism is at its lowest, or prior to workouts to burn more calories than you normally would.

On the other hand, the Hunger Booster Gummies rely on the Garcinia cambogia as their active ingredient. Just like green coffee beans, this is also an extensively studied substance that has been proven to influence the hormones in the body, specifically the hormones that tell the body when it is hungry.

With the Morning Boost and the Night Cleanse, the Teatox products are conveniently categorized between morning and night use.

Filled with healthy active ingredients, its purpose is to detoxify the body of substances that it does not need and replace them with substances that the body does need.

Cost and Price Plans

The two kinds of gummies are sold together as a program and are priced depending on the period of time you wish to use them. For a month’s worth of gummies, it’s $49.90, while for three months’ worth of gummies, it’s $99.90.

On the other hand, for six months’ worth of gummies, it’s $149.50. Individually, you are able to buy a pack of Morning Boost for $29.90 and the Night Cleanse for $24.90.

However, you are also able to buy the two as a pack in the 14 Day Starter Teatox for $29.90, the 28 Day Ultimate Teatox for $54.90 and the Besties Value Teatox - which is double the 28 Day Ultimate Teatox - for $89.90.

Moreover, you may also get the Anti-Cellulite Detox Bundle, which includes the 28 Day Ultimate Teatox and the gummies for $83.90.

Customer Service

While you are able to contact them through their live chat on their website, you may also drop them an email at [email protected] For refunds, you are given 60 days to return the unopened products for a full refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Numerous people have taken SkinnyMint products and posted their before and after pictures, which reveal good results and drastic changes to their bodies. Most reviews for SkinnyMint products are all positive for any age.

However, there are some websites that warn consumers about the side effects of some of the ingredients SkinnyMint uses and that some of those ingredients are bad for you and may cause diarrhea. As a result, people have been asking “is it safe?”

While these specific ingredients have been known to be dangerous, they are only bad for you if taken in high dosages. In fact, SkinnyMint specifically instructs their consumers on the safe dosage to take.

Competitors and Alternatives

SkinnyMint Teatox vs Lyfe Tea

A health supplement company with weight loss products are bound to have competition. Especially in the detox area, there are companies like Lyfe Tea that provide detox teas just like the SkinnyMint Teatox.

SkinnyMint Teatox vs FitTea

Fit Tea also provides detox herbal teas and even sells them in the same 14 Day and 28 Day value packs. On top of that, they also have pills that boost metabolism just like the Power Up Gummies.

SkinnyMint Teatox vs Flat Tummy Tea

Lastly, Flat Tummy Tea is another company that offers detox teas that aim to aid in weight loss. The company also offers shakes as healthy weight loss meal replacements.

Other simillar products can be found from: Skinny Bunny Tea and SkinnyMe Tea.

Where to Buy?

While you are able to buy their products through Amazon, you may also purchase directly from their website at


Taken in the right amount, SkinnyMint has the potential to help people live healthier lives and lose weight in a healthy way. Using natural ingredients and backed with positive reviews, SkinnyMint is a positive candidate for those seeking weight loss supplements.

However, there are some precautions you have to take note of before fully diving in. Firstly, the SkinnyMint Teatox and breastfeeding do not mix well. Thus, you have to avoid drinking this if you are either breastfeeding or pregnant.

Moreover, it’s the same with SkinnyMint Teatox and the pill. Meaning to say that if you’re using contraceptives, there’s a possibility that drinking the tea might flush it out. That said, you must definitely check in with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

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