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About Skinny Wraps, a part of It Works distribution, sells body contouring products for women and men. The main product promoted through their site is Skinny Wraps, termed as Ultimate Body Applicator on the packaging. These wraps are used to minimize the appearance of cellulite, shrink fat cells, and improve the skin’s overall texture and tightness.
This unique polypropylene/poly-ethylene cloth wrap is infused with a botanically based formula that tightens and tones the skin on the body part to which it is applied. Skinny Wraps can be applied on the stomach, back, legs, arms or buttocks; a maximum of two wraps can be worn at the same time.
12 of its all-natural ingredients act to stimulate cellular lipolytic activity and increase lymphatic drainage as they absorb into the sub-dermal layers of the skin. Throughout the site, you will see how much stress is placed on the importance of drinking a lot of water while using the Skinny Wraps; drinking water assists in the lymphatic drainage.
Applying the Skinny Wrap is easy and is not messy. Wearing the applicator for 45 minutes is all it takes to see results; however, it can be worn for longer lengths of time. Simply wear it while going about your daily routine or wear it to bed. In order to maintain your slimmer appearance, the company recommends using one every 72 hours. While you may want to use it on more than just a couple body parts, a maximum of two wraps can be worn at the same time.
The Skinny Wrap can be purchased online or by phone. A package of four wraps costs $99.00, but if you sign up for the Loyal Customer program, it only costs $59.00. Loyal Customers receive a 45% discount on products and are automatically enrolled into monthly shipments.
GoSkinnyWraps also provides a business opportunity for anyone who wishes to sell the product. To become a distributor the initial cost is $99.00. As a distributor, you may recruit new members to sell the product under your guidance. Distributors are able to grow their business by increasing their earnings through their own sales as well as through residual income from their representatives’ sales.
Online reviews suggest it may just be water weight loss that these customers are experiencing. This is indeed a possibility since one of the natural ingredients infused in the cloth is considered to be a diuretic. 
On, there is a note at the bottom of the page stating their claims are not backed with clinical proof and have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is difficult to decide if the Ultimate Body Applicator product is legitimate as there is no supporting evidence to prove it works. Consult with a doctor before using it to ensure the ingredients are not going to hurt you.
While this body wrap may serve as a temporary fix, it is not a permanent solution. Customers who do not understand this have made complaints regarding the products effectiveness. What consumers need to know is that this product is not for weight loss, it is for body contouring. True weight loss can only be achieved with exercise and a healthy diet.

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