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Skillshare, at, states they are a community marketplace where people can go to learn anything, from anyone. They believe that “everyone is a natural born learner and teacher.”

How Does it Work?

According to a US Bureau of Labor Statistics report quoted on the Skillshare site, over 17 million Americans with college degrees are currently working in jobs which don’t require them.

This means that American students are going into debt for a college education, and then working in jobs they could have secured with a high school diploma.

The emphasis should really be on learning, according to Skillshare, not on simply “getting an education.” Anyone can teach a class according to their own skills and talents, and signing up to teach is free.

These types of online “academies,” such as, are growing in popularity online, not only as a replacement for traditional education, but also just as a way for people to build their skills, whether for a resume, a current job, or just for the sake of knowledge.

For people who are interested in signing up to teach a class, Skillshare says they will provide you with a variety of tools to help you design your curriculum, create lesson plans, and market your class to their students.

Students, on the other hand, must pay for tickets in order to take the classes. Currently, the only way to pay for Skillshare classes is through PayPal, so make sure you have a working PayPal account.

However, signing up to the Skillshare community is free, and just requires you to login with your Facebook connect account, though they promise they will not auto-post on your Facebook wall.

Skillshare claims they have classes to suit everyone’s different interests and passions so that you may direct your own destiny, and that their platform makes the exchange of knowledge easy, enriching, and fun.

If you have any experience with Skillshare or their services, please leave your reviews below.

Skillshare Customer Reviews

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Scam website do not trust
January 13, 2017
Do not sign up for Skillshare they are a scam. I signed up for a "Free" membership, and without warning they have removed $131 from my bank account. It's impossible to get into contact with them to get a refund.

Comeatmefro June 22, 2018

They are not a scam. They don't ask to put in info if you are a free account, if you sign up for a free premium trial, then they will ask you for your bank info so they can charge you afterwards.

But regardless, if anything is free it usually doesn't ask you to put in your info, this is on you for not paying attention

Don't use your ignorance to fool into thinking somethings a scam.

QuestRader July 25, 2021

That is a lie. They ask for your credit information immediately before any access is granted to Skillshare. They even force you to pick a plan so they can start charging you after the one month has expired as if they expect you to sign on after the one month has expired. What I would recommend is to provide them with a credit card to gain access and then cancel the card so they cannot illegally charge you