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About Simply Hired

Simply Hired, located at, is a job search website that helps you find jobs by industry category, location, and position keyword, both in the United States and internationally.

Not just a normal job search website, Simply Hired works as a “vertical search engine” that is attempting to build the largest online database on jobs on the planet. They do this by aggregating the job openings from multiple websites around the world.

The international job possibilities found through Simply Hired are a unique aspect of their site, as they provide listings for job opportunities in twenty-four different countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Argentina, and many others.

In addition to their job listings, they also have a variety of tools and features on their website. Some of these are common to many job search websites, such as their resume upload feature for easy completion of job applications.

But others are more unique, such as their salary calculator, which allows you to compare your current income to incomes of other people in your same profession, both locally and nationally.

They also have charts that keep track of the change in job trends. They have the ability to depict the changes in both increases and decreases of job openings, both in your own personal local area, but also nationally as well.

Finally, they have a blog that addresses issues in the job market. Topics include hiring trends, understanding job descriptions, interview tips and tricks, etc. You can also subscribe to their blog to always keep up to date on their articles.

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HR @

Job ad received zero qualified leads, waste of $199.

March15, 2013

I posted a job on this site for $199 and have had zero qualified applicants. Only a few non USA and non qualified “candidates” have replied. We are a small company and asked for our money back less then one week into the job ad but Simply Hired has disappeared on us and will not answer further requests. As an employer I would not recommend this site. This is a standard job that has received multiple qualified replies on other sites.

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September 23, 2013

For any non-minimum-wage job, it often takes more than a week to get qualified applicants. As to "disappearing", Simply Hired is still there, so you can still ask for your money back. And if you really are from Dotmed, they're not a small company.

This review doesn't seem legit.

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