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About SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a home security system that enables you to monitor and protect your home while you are away. There are no contracts to sign and it is easy to set up, install and use. 

To use SimpliSafe, a Base Station and a Wireless Keypad are necessary. The Base Station is the main hub which can be connected to a maximum of 41 sensors. There are entry sensors for doors and windows, motion sensors, smoke detecting sensors, Carbon Monoxide gas sensors, flood sensors, and temperature sensors.

For SimpliSafe’s monitoring and emergency alert services it costs $14.99 per month. It is not required as SimpliSafe can be used to keep a personal watch on your home. Each sensor is set up individually and programmed for different types of alerts. Some of the sensors may be programmed to be active all the time, such as the smoke detector and the Carbon Monoxide detector. Some of the sensors may be programmed to detect motion if a cabinet is opened. Other sensors may set up solely to protect the home and alert the police when they are triggered.

SimpliSafe offers a range of products and packages to accommodate your needs and the size of your home. While items can be purchased individually, they sell packages which are ideal for an initial setup. Each package has a different combination of items and the larger packages include more items to monitor numerous areas found in larger homes. 

The least expensive package is called The Starter Package, it costs $230.00. There are three mid-sized options including the Economy Package for $260.00, the Classic Package for $350.00 and the Master Package for $450.00. The most expensive option is the Ultimate Package at a cost of $540.00. SimpliSafe’s products are backed with a 3 year product warranty; additionally, if you are not satisfied with the system, it can be returned within 60 days for a full refund.

When compared to other security and monitoring services, SimpliSafe is much different. Security systems such as ADT and Vivint require wiring throughout the home; SimpliSafe’s sensors are attached with tape and can easily be removed. 

ADT and Vivint require customers to sign lengthy contracts at a high monthly service cost. This is primarily because they provide services extending beyond simple monitoring to include garage door control, home temperature control, light control, and much more. 

SimpliSafe’s system runs on lithium batteries and will not be affected by a power outage. On the other hand, if SimpliSafe’s Base Station is not working properly, doesn’t maintain a strong cellular signal or completely breaks, security does not exist. Complaints online showed that the security system was inconsistent and unreliable due to fluctuating cellular signal levels. 

A security system equipped to provide a high level of protection is going to cost more money. Many reviews describe SimpliSafe’s affordability and overall configuration highly suitable for and tailored to those who rent an apartment.

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Fluctuating cellular signal levels=fluctuating security levels

August 29, 2014

Want a "sometimes, perhaps, every-once-in-a-while, guess again, whenever-we-feel-like-it" security system? Get one with "fluctuating service"! You'll love it!

I just got off the 'phone (at 2am) with the monitoring center for my SimpliUNsafe system. They were unable to help with my Base Station's "no connection to the monitoring center" voice message and it seems SimpliUNsafe "customer service" only works banker's hours. Simpli stated, they're too cheap to have even ONE South Asian tech on line to read the script to you in Bombay Welsh more than 8/5--forget 24/7.

This is a system peddled by thieves and cheats to the unsupecting, trusting, security-conscious public. But then, as P.T. Barnum famously pronounced: "there's a sucker born every minute." Buy one now so you too can join the Sucker's Club!

December 16, 2014

I have had their system for just over a year and have been more than happy. True, the limited customer service availability is a small downside, but I only ever had to call them once. I'm not up at 2 AM anyway so the fact that they weren't available at 2 AM was not a problem. You apparently have some issues that are very specific to your unique situation. My system setup and ongoing performance has been flawless, but I'm sure there are scenarios where it is just not a good fit for a variety of reasons. I'm sure they were happy to give you a refund if you decided to return the system.

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