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About Silvon Acne Pillow Case

If you’ve been struggling from acne and haven’t been able to figure out why, the Silvon Pillowcase may provide the solution you’ve been looking for. This pillowcase is hailed as “the pillowcase reinvented,” and is a Kickstarter product that actually has bacteria-fighting silver thread woven into it.

How Does Silvon Work?

Silvon’s technology is powered by natural silver, which works to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria. By eliminating the bacteria on your pillow, you’ll have less acne. Acne is formed by an excessive amount of dead skin cells and sebum on your face, which can build up in your hair follicles. They form a plug that create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, creating inflammation and, of course, acne.

Antimicrobial silver carries a naturally positive charge, and bacteria carries a negative charge. These opposing forces are what makes it possible for the silver to break the bacterium's cell wall and destroy it before it can reproduce. This can help prevent acne before it ever starts, all at once fighting the original cause of your acne without you having to lift a finger or constantly wash your sheets.

The Silvon Pillowcase claims to be better for you, your sleep, and your skin. It combines breathable organic cotton with pure silver, helping to eliminate bacteria and provide the best experience for each night of sleep. It is dermatologist recommended and the company claims that the fibers of the pillowcase will never degrade or fade in color. The fabrics have been put through rigorous wash tests to ensure that they hold up to nightly pressures.

In addition to the Silvon Acne Pillowcase, the company also manufactures the Silvon Towel. This towel set is “the cleanest towel you’ll ever own,” and it combines pure organic cotton with silver to naturally rid yourself of bacteria. When you purchase one set, you get a bath towel, a face towel, and a hand towel.

Silvon also makes sheet sets, duvet covers, fitted sheets, flat sheets, and bundled sets. This provides you with a whole host of products that can be used to help fight acne and provide a cleaner overall experience in your household.

Cost and Price Plans

The Silvon Acne Pillowcase costs $35, but for this price you only get one pillowcase. Bundling your purchase with other products seems to be the most cost-effective option, as it saves you about $10 per set. The pillowcase and these sheet sets come in both white and grey.

If you're interested in the towel set, expect to pay about $80 for the set of three towels. They come in both grey and white. The prices on the sheet sets range, but start around $80 and go all the way up to $350 for a full set.

Customer Service

Because Silvon is a relatively new company, it seems to recognize the importance of living consumers some time to establish trust in the brand. As a result, the company offers a 30 night free trial. If you don’t like it, you can get a full refund. The company also offers free shipping and returns on each and every order.

The company has active social media pages on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, and can be contacted via their published email address at [email protected] They also have a customer service helpline at +1 9833) 227-8748.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Customers also love how convenient and easy to follow the washing instructions are. You don’t need to follow any specific washing regimen or buy any special cleaners to care for your Silvon products. All products are completely machine washable. The only cleaner you need to avoid is bleach. You can wash in warm water and then tumble dry on low for the best results.

Consumers also seem fond of the fact that the Silvon Pillowcases are made out of organic cotton and silver yarn. These products are all harvested and produced right in the United States, with all manufacturing partners Oeko-Tex certified. Even if you aren’t concerned about acne or bacteria buildup on your pillowcases, this pillowcase seems to be a sustainable choice.

Competitors and Alternatives

Silvon definitely is not the only name in the game when it comes to acne-fighting pillowcase. Manufacturers have long been aware of consumers’ frustrations with nightly acne breakouts, and as a result there are a number of products available to meet this demand. Hygenie is one of the oldest brands of acne-fighting pillows, but other competitors include Skin Laundry and Upstate Hibiscus.

Upstate Hibiscus is a relatively straightforward product. This company offers 100% silk charmeuse pillowcases that are naturally dyed with hibiscus flowers. The manufacturer of this pillowcase claims that the product will work wonders to moisturize both your hair and skin. However, it doesn’t offer much in the way of antibacterial activity - it just provides a pleasant sleep experience.

Skin Laundry’s Sleep Cycle Cleanskin Pillowcase does work to combat bacteria. This pillowcase is also silver-treated and is infused with silver ions to help kill bacteria. However, it is only proven effective for about fifty washes. On the other hand, the Hygenie Acne Fighting Silver Ionic Pillowcase is infused with silver ionic technology that lasts a bit longer. It works in a similar manner to the Silvon Pillowcase and is offered at a comparable price, making it tough to choose between the two products.

Where to Buy?

Silvon products, including the pillowcases, towels, and sheet sets, are currently available on the manufacturer’s website. Because the company is relatively new, their products are not yet available through other retailers.

Is it Worth It?

If you’ve been struggling with acne, or even just want to have a cleaner night of sleep, the Silvon Pillowcase is a good choice for you. You can’t feel the silver, and you’ll enjoy a great night’s sleep on some of the smoothest organic cotton you’ll ever find. Silvon claims that using these pillowcases is like “having fresh new sheets” every night - and that’s something you’ve got to try in order to believe.

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