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About SilverSaver

SilverSaver, found online at, is a company who says their goal is to empower their customers to both build and preserve wealth by helping you accumulate gold and silver bullion in a safe and secure way. 

How Does It Work?

According to the website, customers who were new to precious metals in the past had issues investing in this financial arena because it was difficult to find a trusted source to work with, and making modest purchases regularly over time was not only inconvenient but expensive.

SilverSaver says that they have eliminated these issues by "leveraging technology, being creative, and forming strategic partnerships within their industry."

Customers can sign up for an account completely for free. New accounts will not be fully active until five days after registration, which provides this company with the time necessary to verify and connect with your bank account. 

Cost/Price Plans

You can initially create your account for free. Afterward, you will be charged a monthly storage fee of 0.05% on the first of each month. Pricing levels for transactions will range from as low as 1.99% to 7.49%, depending on the total amount of purchases you have made over the lifetime of your account.

Customers who wish to make scheduled purchases each week will need to make a minimum purchase of $25 per week or $50 per month, while single purchases will require a minimum cash deposit of $50. 

Refund Policy

The website does not publish details of any potential Refund Policies or Guarantees. Customers who feel that they have encountered circumstances that justify a refund of fees should contact their Customer Service right away.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-701-3546, by email at [email protected], or by traditional mail at 706 Massachusetts St., Lawrence, KS 66044.


Unfortunately there are not many user reviews available for this company, so it is difficult to tell whether or not this a company that real life users feel is a good place for new gold and silver investors to begin.     

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other companies operating in the financial market right now that specialize in gold and silver investments, including GoldMoney, Investment Rarities Incorporated, LearCapital, and many more.    

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your SilverSaver reviews below.

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