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About Silver Line Watches

Wearing a watch serves the double purpose of being able to tell the time while also being a fashion item. It is a great accessory to add to your look while also having a practical use. The market is saturated with watches, from premium designer brands to cheap disposable ones. Finding the right product can be difficult with lots of places to purchase from especially on the internet.

Silver Line offers affordable watches with sleek designs making it an attractive buy for even the most watch savvy shoppers. They have a catalog of products that gets updated and refreshed every time there is a new trend. They cater to customers from all over the world with international tracked shipping.


There are a lot of products to choose from Silver Lines range of watches ranging from digital smart watches to a classic simple design. Silver Line has a range of smartwatches that connect to your Android phone. It has functions such as taking calls and tracking your steps. And of course, their main showcase is a list of great looking analog watches.

Silver line is currently having a plan where you can get hold of free watches while just paying for the shipping costs. This is a great attempt to promote their product and show customers from all over the world the great designs they have on offer.

Cost and Price Plans

Silver Line’s catalog of watches comes with heavily discounted prices and you can potentially make a saving of up to $125 per watch. You can get your hands on watches with prices starting as low as $35.

As mentioned, they have an online promotion, specifically targeting on social media platforms for customers to avail the watch free of charge and just paying for a fixed shipping price. This is a great strategy in gaining customers by introducing them to Silver Line’s products.

Customer Service

One of the great things about the company is that it has a good social media presence to handle any complaints and queries over such platform, while also operating standard support avenues. They are quick to respond especially over social media to answer any questions.

Head over to their main website and click on the Contact Us page to access the support team. There is a FAQ section there too where they attempt to answer your questions without the need of sending a message to speed up the resolution.

You can also go on their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and message them there or keep an eye out for any new promotions and offers.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Judging by the reviews on their Facebook site, there are a lot of satisfied customers especially the ones who have taken advantage of the free watch promotion. Upon ordering, tracking numbers are usually given to customers giving them peace of mind that their order is on the way.

The delivery time does hold it back, however international standards for sending packages may differ. This is not really the fault of Silver Line. Most products do eventually arrive perfectly fine.

The design of the watches has also received great reviews with customers, complimenting the overall finish of the product even posting themselves wearing it. You can also see repeat customers posting on their social media pages showing their appreciation for the product.

The trick is to know your expectations. With Silver Lining selling their product at a very affordable rate, you should know that it will not come with designer brand features and finishes but the watches on offer are great considering the cost of purchase.

Competitors and Alternatives

While Silver Line is a great website to purchase your next collection of watches from, you may want to browse other sites to see what they have on offer. Sometimes, the design you really want may not be available on Silver Line’s catalog so looking at a different site may be advisable. Below are great alternatives to buy your watches from.

The Watchery

You can find most watch brands on The Watchery’s website from Seiko to Hublot. They also feature brand sale reductions to help you save on your next watch purchase. The website design makes it easier to navigate on the page to where you want to go with visually appealing layouts and presentation.

World of Watches

The list of products the World of Watches offer is absolutely staggering. They stock over 1000 watches which caters to every budget and every design. The website design is bright and modern that feature sale items on the front page to entice customers to buy. Prices are also guaranteed to be the lowest in the market.

Wrist Watch

Wrist Watch’s website design may be outdated, but this does not compromise on the quality of their products. The sell genuine watches with a comprehensive list from different brands from lesser-known names to high-end designer watches. They offer a live chat function should you need to talk to someone about a purchase or an issue with the website. A simple addition that makes your experience better.

Where to Buy?

There are numerous ways to buy Silver Line products online. You can access their catalog on their main website but you may be surprised that this isn’t the only avenue they sell their products through.

Silver Line’s Facebook page also keeps a list of the watches they sell thanks to the social media giants’ market feature. You will also find affiliate partners that advertise Silver Line’s products.


Depending on the type of watch connoisseur you are, Silver Line has great choices to choose from with rock bottom prices. If you are all about designer brands, then Silver Line is not for you. You don’t receive as much quality but you don’t also pay the same price. What you can do is take advantage of their great watch designs that are even free.

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Awesome watches

May 10, 2019

Took 3 weeks to ship to Brasil, i'm used to much longer shipping times. Bought 4 watches, gave away 2 and the other 2 I wear regularly, quite happy with them.

July 27, 2020

This is an absolute scam. Stay away!

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Pretty good given the price point!

May 10, 2019

Definitely a sick deal for 9.99 a piece! I'm on my third order already. Not a rolex but definitely worth 10x what i paid for it.

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Fraud - Scam

March 13, 2019

This is a complete scam. Do not buy unless you want your 2 year old to destroy it in 1 second. Made of plastic in Chinese packaging, basically worthless. They have no inventory so they just order them from some mass production factory in China 3 weeks out or more. Seriously, you can buy them from a street vendor in the USA for $2. What a waste and the website is very deceiving, photos look good but that is all that is good about it. I would give them negative stars, do not fall for this scam.

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January 2, 2019

Not worth free even with free shipping. Would allow zero stars.

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March 13, 2019

These watches are complete garbage, came straight from China in a cheap package, agreed, not even worth the shipping, what a joke. They sell in China for a dollar on the street, you can buy them for $2 with a street vendor in the USA. I would give negative stars.....! Worthless and they are all made of plastic, that's right, plastic...scam!!!!!! This is a typical pump marketing scheme…...look good on the photo but that is all. Do not buy unless you are looking for a cheap toy for a 2 year old that will destroy it in 1 second.

July 27, 2020

SCAM! Stay away!

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