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About Sidecar

Sidecar is a new mobile application available in select metropolitan areas which allows members to take advantage of “ride sharing,” and has a goal of not only providing safe transportation but also meeting new people within your community.

Unlike a traditional taxi or cab service, a ride sharing mobile application alerts a local, pre-screened and approved driver within your community that you need a ride to a particular destination.

When a driver has accepted your request, you will be given a photo of both the driver and the car they are driving. Once you’ve entered the vehicle, Sidecar will not only track your ride to your destination, but allow you to share this tracking with your friends as well, so they can ensure that you have arrived to your intended location safe and sound.

Once you’ve arrived at your location, the app will prompt you to “pay what you think is fair” for your driver’s services. All monetary transactions take place through the application, so you will never need to worry about tip or having cash.

Also, after you’ve completed your car sharing experience, you and the driver can rate each other. This feature lets other riders know what to expect from a driver, and lets other drivers know whether or not a passenger is known to be friendly and respectful.

Currently this service is only available in the following metropolitan areas: San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Brooklyn, and Washington, DC.

For customers who do not live in these locations, there are other ridesharing applications that offer similar services, such as ZimRide or Lyft. Users wishing to use any of these applications, however, must have an Android or iPhone.

Community members who are interested in becoming drivers should direct their inquiries to for more detailed information on that process.

If you have any experience with this company as a passenger or a ride, please leave your Sidecar reviews below.

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