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About is part of Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG), the nation’s leading online travel and entertainment providers which was established in 2001. It has proven a track record for developing and powering several successful website portals and partnerships so you are guaranteed that it is legitimate.

Over 8 million tickets are sold annually, with two customer service call centers that is dedicated to achieve great customer satisfaction and trust. helps you choose and purchase tickets of the most popular shows. It is convenient as you can explore the largest selection of shows and the latest information to help you choose where and when to watch the hottest shows at the lowest price and no credit card fees.

Details of the trip are sent to you with multiple prices and seating options, special offers. You are sure to have a hassle-free booking experience. is able to directly negotiate with show producers and ticketing companies, and because of the high volume of tickets sold each year, it can directly make deals with each Las Vegas shows and pass off savings to loyal customers.


The products of are tickets of the most popular shows, and tickets of singers or bands in any of the three destinations - Las Vegas, New York, or Orlando. Multiple prices are offered that will suit your budget, and the details will be provided so you can decide which is best for you.

You also get to book on the tours and attractions in the three destinations at a low cost. You have the option of a bike tour, boat tour, a bus tour, or even walking tours. You can also choose to visit the popular landmarks, exhibits and museums. If you are worried about the cost, they offer discount passes.

How Does It Work?

Once you enter its website, you will be asked which destination you would like to watch the show. When you have chosen the place, you will be given another set of options, the category of shows you wish to watch and the date when you wish to view it.

However, if you have a show in mind, you can simply search for the show in the advanced search and find the suitable date and time for you. After choosing the show, you pay for the ticket after the confirmation.

Do place your order as far advance as possible because of the limited availability of the event offers and other specials.

Cost and Price Plans

The prices of the shows depends on the category but they range from US$40 up to US$150 per ticket. The prices are cheaper than the regular price, so you can save a lot if you book with

The tours and attractions ranges from US$22 up to US$71. They have discount passes where you can explore the whole city saving up to 40%. The discount passes are usually around US$43 up to US$151.

Customer Service

A detailed instruction will be sent to your confirmation email, where you shall be given instructions on how you can retrieve your tickets and vouchers.

Only the names listed on the reservation can pick up the tickets at the box office unless you have noted otherwise.

Unfortunately, there are no refunds or exchanges for the products of

For other questions, you can call the Customer Service Representatives to assist you, available from 8:30am to 12midnight EST at 1-800-838-8155 or 1-702-617-5513 for International/Local.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The reviews online revolve around how people liked the service and how they were accommodated well with last minute bookings for a show.

As for complaints, most people recommended other ticketing sites, and negatively criticized the customer service of The complaints were about the non-refundable tickets. Some people complained about how they reserved a show on a certain date and got reserved for a different date due to the limited availability.

Competitors and Alternatives is an alternative of They offer cheaper prices of tickets for shows and a 10% cashback. They give some discounts on last minute Broadway tickets.  Like in, their show tickets are non-refundable if you ever wish to cancel. is another alternative. They offer group tickets, and gift certificates to customers. They feature online theater ticketing for every Broadway shows for both traveling and New York area patrons. is also another competitor, where you can purchase a variety of Broadway tickets and TV shows with special discounts and special offers. They also have a no-return policy, but they offer refunds for error contents like when a show has closed.

Where to Buy?

You can use the services of on their webpage or email them at [email protected]

Conclusion is recommended as a simple solution that helps you find and use discounts on shows nationwide. Despite the complaints online, mostly about the non-refunds of tickets which is a policy of most ticketing sites, we still recommend their services for you can find a variety of shows and tours in their page that will cater to your vacation budget.

You can book tickets in different destinations in the USA, hassle-free, low-cost, secure online booking and with no additional charges on your part unless they indicated otherwise.

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