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As a subsidiary of a renowned South African multinational company called Naspers, Showmax immediately gains certain trust. Within this highly-developed company dealing in Internet communication and online services in general, as well as print media, Showmax is “assigned to” the entertainment part of the job.

What started out as an African local video platform has in the meantime developed into a subscription service available in over 70 countries around the world.

With its headquarters in South Africa and offices in Amsterdam and Poland – where their IT sector is mostly based – this company manages a platform which enables the users to watch the latest high-quality video content on demand.


Showmax gives you a wide range of video content. However, although this content is also available on television, we are not talking about a TV channel.

This is a platform which gives you an opportunity to watch videos, such as series and movies, online and on demand. What this means is that you are able to watch anything from the catalogue whenever you want and as many times you want from a wide range of devices as long as you have Internet access.

Another thing you will be required to have, i.e. beside a device with Internet connection, is a subscription to Showmax content.

When it comes to devices, you don’t have to worry about compatibility – there are versions for smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs with almost any of the operating systems. Even game consoles are included in the assortment of possible access “tools”, so the choice is really yours.

Since the beginning days of “airing”, the content itself usually has had local shows and movies in focus, and this practice continues today. So, depending on the country from which you are watching, you’ll have a different choice of catalogue entries from which to pick.

Of course, there is always an extensive list of Hollywood, British, and other English language productions as well.

How Does It Work?

Going back to the very function of this app, there are a few more features which should be mentioned.

There is the possibility to have multiple accounts on this platform, as well as an option to set parental control, which may come in useful if you have a curious toddler running around pressing all the buttons around the home.

There are also download and bandwidth capping traits. The first one means that you will be allowed to download as many as 25 videos at a time and watch them later on whenever you want. The second abovementioned feature concerns preferred data usage. In 2016, Showmax introduced an add-on which enables you to pick between three possible quality options - 0.3 GB/hr, 0.7 GB/hr, or simply leave the usage uncapped.

Cost and Price Plans

Showmax is offered at a competitive monthly price of R99 (South African Rand), which is somewhere around $7.50.

For a market such as the USA, which isn’t that data usage focused, this seems like a good alternative to other streaming services. In addition, there is a 14-days free trial at the beginning of your subscription, so you can be sure that you’ll find the provided service satisfactory and that you really want to buy the access to this platform.

Another subscription option is available in combination with DStv – it is actually a DStv Premium subscription which includes Showmax as a part of the subscription bundle.

Customer Service

Once you have opted in and signed the contract, there is no room for changing your mind, at least not before the end of your billing period. So, think hard before you make your final decision, because you might end up paying a full contract for a service you don’t find useful or satisfying.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your subscription or the app’s functions, you can reach their customer support team at [email protected], or contact them on Facebook, twitter, or their website chat page (

Online Reviews/Complaints

The online community of Showmax users seems quite satisfied with the service. Some of the most useful features is memorizing of already watched content, further watching suggestions based on these data, as well as affordability.

Some of the listed downsides include occasional problems with video loading and logging in/out, but the overall ratings are pretty much in favor of the platform.

Competitors and Alternatives

Showmax vs Netflix – The greatest difference an average customer may notice between these two is the price, with Showmax being quite a bit more affordable.

Showmax vs Hulu – Hulu offers content produced by its owners and their partners, so it is somewhat restricted compared to Showmax.

Showmax vs HBO GO – This HBO-owned platform enables you to access shows made by HBO, together with theatres-released movies. It doesn’t, however, include any of the local content.


While it is still not popular as it might become in the foreseeable future, Showmax has quite interesting features and catalogue, especially when it comes to local content.

Another two features which might attract attention are the lower price compared to the competition, as well as access to the content regardless of which company has produced it.

All in all, this might be a good and certainly more affordable alternative to the other few streaming service available.

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