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Thomas Fitzgerald

Great Website for Short Stock Recommendations

May19, 2012

There aren't a lot of great resources for shorting stocks online, and when I searched google for ideas and recommendations--I couldn't find much. My friend alerted me to Shortzilla and figured i'd give it a shot. Costs are $49/month and $499 for the year. They provide both long writeup stocks (i think they call it fundamental) and technical picks which are meant to be held for only a few days. I guess the guys are former hedge fund or sell side analysts (not sure on this), but all i can say is that the research is really great. I probably get about 2-3 emails per day and they will provide quick notes on any open trades and when they are looking to close, etc. Great focus on risk control -which i like. Also, the owner is very receptive to inquiries and questions and got back to me right away. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for short selling advice.

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